First Impression: My Scheming Deep Purifying and Oil Balance Mud Mask

I was intrigued by the paper bag material sheet mask. I never expect to really find a mask coated with kaolin clay when I opened this up. The mask is rather small. But I guess that is so the mud will not go all over and mess up your hair, etc. At least, application is easy. Usually with mask like this with 3 layers (clear plastic, mask and white plastic) will be very messy to apply. Cause the essence will just drop everywhere. The mud mask surprisingly stick to the sheet. Once you remove the clear plastic, it’s easy to hold the white sheet and placed the mask onto the face. 

I like this. It’s easy to apply. Only after removing the sheet mask, you’ll have to wash your face. So that can be the only hustle. I don’t really see how much the mask help with purifying my skin, but I guess it’s just the enjoyment of using the mask that matter for this case. And the fact, as an oil balancing mask, this doesn’t dry up my skin. So it’s actually nice. 


My Scheming Bamboo Charcoal & Cryste Marine Whitening Double Lifting Mask

I like these mask as it covers my neck too. It is a tad big, but the fit is quite nice cause if the security from the loops of the ears and neck. The mask has this rhombus pattern on it, so it’s nice. I mean I don’t think it matters, but I just like seeing pattern than just a plain white mask. So this kind of smell weird. It’s not so off putting, but I don’t like the scent of it. I manage to use all 5 masks from the box, so that count for something? Nah.
It’s a cooling mask, refreshing, but not for under the eyes. I don’t know why it doesn’t feel cool under the eyes. Weird huh. So it is a hydrate, repair and brighten mask, and it hydrates but I am not sure about the other 2 claims. I also can really only use this mask for the 15 minutes they say to, cause after that it always itches me. Like all I want to do is scratch my face. But I kept forgetting, that’s why I did end up using all the 5 masks. So this is a no for me. I really should put some kind of indicator.

Will repurchase? No.

My scheming masks

I have here Hyaluronan hydrating mask and Green tea & barley whitening mask.

Hyaluronan hydrating
– Super cooling when applied. Great for when it’s really warm and you want something cooling.
– After 30 min of use, the mask is still damp.
– The essence sink into the face rather quickly, after I remove the mask.
– There’s plenty extra on the packaging, so I slather those up on my face twice.
– Face feel smooth.

I don’t know if you can see extra essence.

It has that extra plastic sheet, which I don’t like. I find that it tend to stick to the plastic more than to my face. So I have to really pull them apart. It gets kind of messy. I also really don’t like the feeling of having something stuck on my hand.

Green tea & barley whitening
– Cooling, refreshing, calming.
– The essence is sticky on my fingers.
– Mask fits snugly on my face.
– Gives off a dewy finish.
– Doesn’t whiten my face, but I can’t escape the sunlight.

I prefer the Hyaluronan hydrating mask as it is more cooling and I find that it is super hydrating. Really great for after a day of too much sun.