Organically Clean Coconut Scented On-the-go Hand Spray Cleanser

I just love trying new hand sanitizer especially one that’s scented. I especially love spray on ones as they are just easier to use. It’s just water droplets, so I don’t generally spray too much. Unlike the gel type, for some reason I always squeeze too much out. So sprays are better for me.
This is 59ml, so it still still quite big for sanitizer I feel. I prefer the really tiny ones.

It has a really strong coconut scent. Like those coconut milk in Thai food kind of scent. I reckon it would not be a nice scent for people who don’t really like coconut. It is also a tad sticky. But my hands feel really clean. Maybe it’s just psychological, but that’s how I feel. All in all, I’m not here not there, but I wouldn’t repurchase.