neuve Eyebrow

Bought this for NT79. I like it as it’s a no nonsense eyebrow pencil. It’s very simple, just a grey tone universally flattering eyebrow shade. You have to sharpen the pencil and there is no brush to even it in. So yeah, while this is not my fav kind of eyebrow product. It’s good to go back to the basic sometime. I enjoy it as it’s like a Shiseido brand, made in Japan, rather inexpensive and good quality. So not much to complaint. 


neuve Oil Bolt Powder

This is TW160 and can be found pretty much everywhere. I got mine at Watsons. I just wanted to try it, since it just seems so popular. It’s a mini compact, rather quite. Anyway, it’s part of Shiseido group, so I’m like all onboard with this. It’s a nude shade compact powder. However when you swatch, it’s a whitish powder. It’s just a one shade kind of product for oil control. I used this for touch up which is what this is good for. I wouldn’t recommend this as a setting powder, cause it will just disappear. 

I think this is best for teenagers to bring to school and powder their face. It just so compact and comes with a puff which has a nice texture. I know a lot of people don’t use the puff on the powder compact. But I think it’s very convenient to have one. Especially for on the go.