Nexcare Acne Patch

I reckon I used up a lot of these sheets. These 2 are just some of the patches I have on hand. The “girl” one which is meant for female has smaller size patch. Usually it comes with some bigger and smaller ones. They are even some in cute shapes such as flowers or stars. The guys one is actually way too big for me. Sometime I will cut in half. Which I don’t think you are suppose to. But it’s quite good too cover an area of spots. 

This is good for when the pimple is about to erupt. The white pus will come out soon. So this will sort of let the dirt come out and stick to the patch. I always find that those 3D pimples will reduce slightly with the use of this. It’s very satisfying when you take this off and you see white stuff on it. It just show that the dirt has come off. It’s quite fun. But Nexcare is a more expensive patch for drugstore. But I do it and will tend to buy in bulk during sales.