Nivea Pearl & Beauty Anti-perspirant

I just want to put this down somewhere. Cause I really like this. It’s just so fresh and really good. It’s an aerosol spray which is easy to use. What I really like though is that the cap, you can easily lock it. So you can twist it open or close. Which is really good for traveling. There is no need for a cap which can be troublesome. Anyway, this is the 150ml one. It’s the only size I saw. But maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, cause a travel size of this will be perfect. 


Chapsticks 2

Nivea Essential Care is a last minute purchase. Was desperate for a lip balm, and so grab something on sale. It is alright. Nourishing enough, but I mean the price is that much, you can’t really expect miracle. But I do like it, just that I find it quite boring.

Sanoflore Baume Levres Nourricier comes in such a cute packaging. The balm is drying, so it is quite hard to actually use. I guess a lip brush will help, but that is just so troublesome. This is also not cheap, I want to say €7, that’s like $11 to me. Ok fine, $11 for 12g is actually quite a fair price. But I really think that the product is quite hard to use.

Hurraw Moon Balm is suppose to be use before bedtime. It is so-so. Not the most nourishing balm for night time, but if your lips is not chapped, this will be good. As it hydrates but doesn’t stick to your pillow kind. A normal balm, I feel. I just do not like the smell of this. It is suppose to be calming and relaxing, but just not my kind of scent.

Cococare Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is very buttery. I like this. It is just a simple yellow tube. But I do feel that is great for chapped lips. It is very smooth, almost like putting on butter. If you like cocoa butter scent, then you will not have a problem with this.

Nivea Lip Butter – Vanilla and Macadamia

Smells so good. This is a clear lip balm, so I find that it is better than the rest as it doesn’t gives off the colors that doesn’t seems to suit me but does with everyone else. The raspberry gives off the white cast on my lips. So I enjoy this so much more.

Nivea White Sparkling Scrub

I used this cause I just need some scrub desperately. It used to work well on my teenage skin. But now, I can’t use this anymore. It just doesn’t suit me. The scrub is medium gentle. Good facial scrub. But it’s just a bad product for me. I break out using this. So yah, your skin changes as your grow. So one thing to note is that one product may work now doesn’t mean it will work for you next time.
That’s all about this facial wash. Nothing much to talk about.

In-Shower Skin Conditioner

The texture is exactly like conditioner. The smell is kind of like the shaving cream, the removal without blade that kind of cream. Smells like Veet. Anyway, it is moisturizing, but it just feels fake. Like I feel it just moisturize on the surface. I mean it is convenient cause then you don’t have to wait for the lotion to dry, you just rinse it off. But ya, doesn’t feel as good as normal body lotion.

Cleansing wipes

tea tree
I do not like this at all. It just smell funny. Even though my face do not have a problem with this, I just don’t like it period. It is a bit drying. It doesn’t remove makeup as good. Plus it just kind of smell weird.

There is texture on the sheet, I don’t know if you can see that. This is indeed a daily essential. I use this everyday either to remove light makeup or just cleanse. I am as I have said before a lazy person, so I like to use wipes to clean my face. I try my best to clean my face properly, but sometime on those draggy days, you just want to be clean fast.
The texture sheet helps to softly exfoliate the stuff off my face. So it’s really good at doing its job. I mean I’m sure there are better cleansing wipes out there, but I am happy with this. I just wish it can remove heavy makeup.

This is for removing dirt and de-shine your skin for a clear matte complexion. As it said Teen Care on the packaging, I’m guessing its for teens who don’t wear make up. It is just like wet tissues, and I do not get matte complexion using this. It is scented and cheap. I think I bought it for a dollar.
Anyway, it can remove makeup, I’m impress. And so I use this as my brush cleanser, for spot cleaning. It works wonders.

Nivea lip butter

I have really high expectation for this. People rave about it and said it feels like putting on butter. I so disagree. It feels smooth ya, creamy even, but it doesn’t feel like butter. I guess because of the Nip+Fab body butter which to me is exactly like butter, so this is not buttery enough. At least it smells nice.
You know when you mix red with too much white, it becomes pink with more white? It is what this gives me. Too much white. I guess it’s suppose to be pale pink, but it feels white. I am very generous with my lippie, so this doesn’t suit my lifestyle. I always take too much when all you need is just a bit to cover your whole lips. If I do that, I don’t feel like I put enough. So I take more, and it feels nice on the lips but makes it look messy. The product covers the surrounding lips too. So had to wipe it off and ugh just troublesome.

Its a good lip balm, but I had expected more, so I’m disappointed. Next time, don’t expect so much. It should always be a serendipity. I have the caramel one too, its clear so it will be better, I hope. I just don’t know when I’ll use it. As this one, 19ml, is really a lot.

Nivea aqua sensation eye cream

Aqua sensation anti-shadow eye cream.

Eye cream, cooling. For just a little while. Helps to reduce puffiness in the morning by a bit, I guess you can use this instead of tea bag, or chilled cucumber. But it’s pretty moist, so if you don’t like that feeling, just use cucumber.

Doesn’t smell. It is ok.

But overall, doesn’t make an impact on me.