Bathing With Sharks

I am using this right now. I bought this cause it is cool. It is a blue shower gel. It has a nice subtle scent, which I think will be good for night time bath for kids. This doesn’t lather much. You have to use really a lot to get wash up. Even though, it doesn’t have the minty fresh scent, I always feel extra clean using this. I don’t know why. Anyway, I bought it at Sephora at $20 for 400ml. So it is not exactly cheap.

About: In this dog eat dog world, you need the edge. The best thing to do, pretend you already have it. Here’s help. Slip into the water and into gladiator mode. Instantly transformed, you are unstoppable. Emerge from the water standing a little taller, and with a taste for conquest. It’s not magic; it just works.
Benefits: Infused with: energizing, confidence boosting Royal Jelly extract. Royal Jelly kick up energy level and the will to succeed. It also has anti-aging properties that will keep skin smooth, supple, soft.

Yah, so I guess this suppose to be good for the skin and stuff, but I prefer fruitier scent when it come to my shower. Oh well, I wish I have a bathtub, as I still think this is best for soaking in.