Nu-pore Moisturising Gloves

I don’t really like this. It’s quite sticky after. Well, gives it 10 minutes and your hands feel quite smooth. Not a big fan of the scent after too. It’s quite sickly, like spoilt milk mask with something better. So not as bad, but it’s still there. 

The gloves are fine. It fits me alright. My hands are small, so I don’t have any problem. At first it was not so wet, I thought it got dry out. But eventually it starts to get wetter. I don’t know, it’s weird. This mask also quite hard for me to use my iPad. So a bit irritating for me. I was hoping to read on my tablet. Oh well, wouldn’t buy this again. 


First Impression: Collagen Essence Mask – Fresh Aloe

The fit for the mask is good but the mask itself is rather sticky. No scent or anything, but it quite irritate my skin. I guess cause I’m having a lot of breakout right now. Only used this for 10 minutes before I have to take it off. 

So far I find with these Collagen Essence masks, is that all the mask are a different fit. So it’s not consistent and I don’t know, it’s just not really that good overall. I wouldn’t really recommend it. 

First Impression: Collagen Essence Mask – Natural Herb

The shape if the mask doesn’t really suit my face. So it’s a bit off for me. This is for restoring, purifying and moisturising. It’s a bit tingly at some part of the face. I’m sure it is not suppose to. It sort of irritate my face but it’s still bearable. This doesn’t have a scent. Overall it feels moisturising, so it’s ok enough for me.  

First Impression: Collagen Essence Mask – Cucumber

The packaging on these mask is nice. It’s matte and smooth. Plus it is just a simple, clean look.  

The mask itself has a funny scent. It doesn’t smell like cucumber, I don’t know smell like what but I don’t like it. The mask is nice though. Doesn’t feel itchy on the skin. So it doesn’t irritate my face. Not bad, I like it. After 5 minutes, you kind of get used to the scent. 

Revitalizing Gel Eye Strips

Cooling eye mask – yes, please! I’ve been quite lazy to do masks lately. Even though this year I promise myself that I will post up 2 masks review per month just so that I will used up my sheet masks and used up my samples. But I’m me, so I rather use eye masks as it’s less messy but I am still pampering my skin. Or at least the eyes area.
I like the cooling effect. That’s about it. Cause I don’t really see much difference using this. I guess dark circle will always be dark circle. But I don’t have puffy eyes when using this, so I can’t test that affect out. Psychologically I am happy with the product, as I really can never tell with eye creams and masks.

Nu-pore Moisturizing Under Eye Treatment

nu-poreThis is just so huge. See the lady in the packaging, it is not suppose to be huge. Felt cheated. It feels cooling and yet this irritate my skin after 5 minutes. So it really is a waste on me. There are 2 pairs, and I used both of them as I don’t want to waste it. I did bought it at iherb. It was only US$.50 as it was a sampler pack. Oh well, no regret.