Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color

This is like one of the best eyeshadow out there. It’s in a pencil form so I can say it works as an eyeliner too. It’s just so smudge proof. I swipe it across my hand to take this photo and then I tried to wipe it off and nothing. It doesn’t budge. It just stay on. It suppose to last forever I guess I mean it won’t as eventually you can rub it off. But it does stay put for a good 20 minute or so. 

It’s so easy to put on. It just glide on beautifully. On my oily lids, it will be better with a primer first as I do find it will slowly dissappear but I mean it’s good enough. Plus I love the fact that it doesn’t crease. I guess as long as you don’t rub your eyes, it will last a long time. Plus if you don’t let it set within 5/10seconds, it can still be blended. 

The colour is Gilt which is a beautiful gold glitter. It’s more of a shimmer actually. It’s just a true gold. I love it.