NYX Lip Butter in Taffy

Lovely lip stick. As it’s suppose to be a lip butter, so I guess it is suppose to be as smooth. Love the texture. Love the way it glides on the lips. It stays on and not difficult to apply. Which means no need a mirror. But of course a mirror is recommended.
I also feel that without eating or drinking (unless using a straw), the color will probably stays on for quite a while. I was reading a book on my bed with this on. I was too engross in it that I didn’t realize it was already 2 hours plus later. And surprise surprise the colors still on. Still pigmented as when I first apply it.
Now the only thing I don’t like is the color. It doesn’t suit me at all. I really want a pink, a beautiful pink. A bright pink. But nothing suits me. So this one is the same. Really beautiful but doesn’t suit my skin at all.


Butter Gloss in Tiramisu

Everyone that tries this wonder why it takes them so long to try it. And I wonder why everyone love them so much. To me it just average and here is why. To me the price of NXY products in Singapore is not justify. (Ok, so I focus on the time of sales in the States which if I live there will be the only time I buy makeup products.) So you see I can’t buy $10 lip butter when I can get it at maybe $5.
The product is ok but not amazing. I just have to choose the shade Tiramisu cause that’s my favorite dessert. There’s a few nude shades and I really do want them all so I can do a comparison. But in the end, the name of the product is my choosing factor.
The gloss is comfortable on the lips. I do like it. But I really don’t see how this is the best gloss ever. I like the color, thankfully Tiramisu is a good shade for me. It is pigmented but I have to use a mirror to really apply this. It won’t go on even. At least for me. I guess my lips are not evenly pigmented, if that makes sense.
But overall it is one of the nicer lip gloss I’ve tried. I mean, for me the pigmentation can be better even though it already is quite good. So I guess that is my only complain. Cause I really do like them, but I wouldn’t say the best. I haven’t found the best, but this is just plain good and I really recommend them to anyone. I guess I should try other colors too.

NYX eyebrow cake powder


I got this in Brunette. Easy to apply. You do not need much, and it will fully color your brows. It has two shades, a lighter one is perfect for day look. For thicker more define looking brows, you can always apply the darker shade.

I love how this come with the eyebrows gel.  You can always groom the brows with it. It does its job by keeping the hair in place.

The angle brush is not soft. I do not know if it was suppose to be, but I think not. Plus there is a spoolie that can be use to brush the brows.

Nyx round lipstick


I heard so much about this that I had to get one. The swatch on my hand with the tester looks really good. Its nude beige with a little shimmer. Pretty opaque and the name its cute; summerlove, it’s just perfect for sunny Singapore. It glides on my hand smoothly too. So I bought it and tried it.

While I loved the color on my hand, it doesn’t suit me at all. It made my lips look pale. While it is easy to apply, the color crack on my lips. It just made it like I have dry lips. Plus it became more pink than nude. Like frosted light pink, something Nicki Minaj would wear in her music video or like those girls from the future (where they wear white wigs and white everything).

It’s really sad that I can’t use this. Especially how I actually like the smoothness of it. Maybe if I got it in different shade. Hmm. Nevertheless, I did try to do something with my make up to pull off using this lipstick. The only thing that work is when I tried the frosted look. Light, tan, smokey and pale. Ok, it doesn’t really make sense, but I don’t know how to describe it. Well just think futuristic look but more earthy.

So final thoughts, I really like the lipstick but not the color.