Obagi Professional-C Serum

I’m liking serum with dropper lately. I think it’s really fun to play with. I know that’s not the purpose, but what can I say. Obagi is used to be well known for its strong product. I don’t know if they still is, but their products are still rather pricey in my book. I borrowed this vitamin C from my mom. Cause they say vitC is good for mature skin. Mature skin meaning wrinkly skin? At least that’s what I associate it with.

When I look at myself, I notice all my wrinkles and I can’t stand it. Sometimes it’s easier to just not look at mirrors at all. Anyway, I use this and it’s way too oily for me. It’s watery and blends in easily, absorb into the skin quite fast too. But it just gives off this slick look. It feels like putting oil onto my face. At least it feels that way.

This is the 20% and there are 4 version which cater to different need. 20% has the highest concentration of L-ascorbic acid. Not sure what that is, but ya. I am still stubborn to actually learn about chemical and such. I should probably do that as it’s really helpful to know what is good for you. I will slowly learn them.


Obagi healthy skin protection

This is just a sunblock. I don’t see what’s so special about it. You can buy cheaper sunscreen out there.

I mean to be honest, it does leave your skin matte if apply in a right amount. But I always tend to use more than needed. I guess I like to slather it on. So it always give me a white film on my face. Furthermore, the matte doesn’t last very long. I feel that my face goes back to oily really quickly. But I know lots of people loves this.

If its not cause of the price, I’ll be more accepting to this product.