Olay total effects

This 7-in-1 anti-aging cream is really thick. It takes forever to dry but you will feel really moisturize after. I like that it has SPF 15 so it’s added sun protection. I tried other Olay products, and they are really good for my skin. So this one no exception. But I just think its too rich for me. I need something with better oil control. But if you do not want to spend hundreds on skin care, I think Olay is a good alternative. They have “dupes” for higher end brands.


Olay eye serum

White radiance is my go to eye serum. Basically its my first eye serum. It’s only 15g, but it last a long time. I guess you only use a dot one at a time.

The person told me I need to dot around my eye. From the corner, under the eyes and above. So basically all around the eyes.

Again, I do not know how do people see if eye cream/serum work. Cause I still do not see it. Maybe it helps in the long run, for now it doesn’t make a difference yet. Or better yet, cause of it I do not see anything now. So ya.