Oriental Princess Popping Cheek Blush Puff

I’ve been looking for this kind of container since forever. I loved the Dior one, but they do not have it anymore. I guess it is just not hygienic or maybe it’s just not popular. But I do like it cause it’s so easy to put the blush on. Just puff and tap onto the skin.

This is in the shade Poppy Pink. A light pink with a hint of shimmer. But it’s so light that it can’t be seen on my skin.

The packaging can be twist to open and close. The problem is I don’t know when it is close or when it’s open. No matter which way I turn, a tiny bit of product will come out. So it’s very frustrating. Plus the fact the color can’t be seen on my cheeks, I just use this mostly if I look super matte, which is seldom. It’s just a top up blush. A highlighter. That’s what I use this for. Cause of its shiny appearance. I mean its shimmer glow, it’s better as a highlighter than a blush.
Quite a fail product I must say. Still can use, but I not that good. Bought this in Bangkok too, so it’s hard to get hold of.


Passion of Polish

Exfoliating body moisturizer in Cheerful Smile.
This smells good. It has tiny beads that will melt into the skin. It is suppose to be an exfoliating body lotion, but I can’t feel that. The beads are spares and really gentle. It is easy to apply and takes about a minute to sink in. However it will just get quite sticky eventually. So not something I will use again. I guess it is just the humid weather here. I think this will be ok in colder countries.

Acnemise Acne Concealer

Bought this in BKK to replace my Eucerin.
It’s like a pencil liner so it’s really precise. Most of the times though spots are not that tiny. So I have to go over it and color thru the area. It doesn’t cover very well but it does a good job at concealing redness. I forgot how much this cost, but it’s made in Germany. The product is only 0.28g so it’s actually very little.

The direction said to apply directly onto pimples as needed, twice a day. So it already implied that it is not long lasting. It also kind if implied that it’s more of a treatment in skin tone color. I don’t see how affective it is as a blemish care. Anyway, reading the description it kind of tell you that it is to conceal and at the same time alleviates acne. So ya, it’s nice to have an easy to use concealer but I don’t think its quite useful in term of removing blemishes.