OXY 10

This is quite strong. It doesn’t feel like at first. But use it two days, and my face get really dry. I mean, it’s suppose to dry out the pimple, but when you use this you sort of apply around the spots too. And despite using normal skin moisturiser, my skin still gets really dry. In term of removing spots, some really dissappear after 2/3 days. 

It hurts when applying this. A good kind of hurt – those type of sting. I enjoy that too much I think. Anyway, the lotion is not a hard cream. So it spread easily. It is also quite affordable. $3.90 for 10g at SwanSton. The caution sign said that if this is too strong, use Oxy 5 instead, but I find that Oxy 5 is not that good. Oh well, you have to see what is it you want. Strong ones or ones that is less drying.