First Impression: Palmer’s smoothing shampoo

Extra virgin olive oil for shiny hair is to smooth out frizzy hair, replenish moisture and nutrients and remove product buildup. I used this on the day where I have a lot of product on my hair. I used a lot of hair foam and dry shampoo. So I thought it was a good time to try this. It is quite a foaming shampoo. After rinsing, my hair is quite strip out if moisture. So it really does get rid of buildup. But any shampoo used in a day, it will be fine for me. So it is not a good test to see how good this shampoo is. Well, more of how good is this shampoo for me. Well at least it smells good.


Palmer’s fade cream

So it smells good. I am suppose to this twice a day on affected area. I feel that it tighten but I know it’s just psychology. Only managed to use this twice so obviously there is no difference. But at least it smells good. I don’t know if I need this, but at moment I am kind of lazy about it.

Palmer’s cocoa butter

After reading Louise from Lou Lou’s beauty & fashion fix cocoa butter reviews, I really wanted to try one. I love chocolate but not a fan of cocoa smelling product. I have the H&M lip balm, which eventually the scent become too unbearable for me.

However seeing anything cocoa just make me want to try them. Sometime my brain just can’t process well. Lucky for me I managed to get samples of Palmer’s cocoa butter.
The first thing I notice when I opened the sachet is that it is sort of a pale yellow creamy lotion. The smell is not that strong which is good. It still has the cocoa product smell, but it wasn’t bad. It doesn’t smell all that great too. That just cause I don’t like the scent of cocoa.

I applied it on my legs and I am really disappointed that it is hard to lather on. I have to rub it together rather harshly for it to sink. Seeing as it is a butter, I know it is suppose to be quite thick. But I would rather have watery texture that is easy to apply. I guess seeing Louise review on this, gives me the expectation of easy blend-able lotion. Normally I wouldn’t mind so much, but I was in hurry to get out the door. That’s why I was kind of disappointed.

Anyhow, it states here that it helps to even skin tone, an excellent after tanning butter and recommended for stretch marks. So I guess it is more than just a lotion that smoothes and relieves dry skin. Wouldn’t know much bout that as I only managed to use it twice.