Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush

happy boosterThe first time I watched YouTube, happy booster blush is the bomb. I was dying to have one. Thanks to iherb I manage to buy one. It is quite pricey (US$11.50) comparing to other drugstore brands, so I decided to just get one in the shade Natural. I don’t know why it is call mood boosting as I only feel happy seeing the blush. I just love the hearts! Using the blush doesn’t change my mood. Except the glow, that works cause the blush is quite shimmery.

It is quite a light blush. You can see it from the swatch, but on the cheeks, it hardly shows. It really appear quite natural and just give a glow. It is nice for days you don’t want to bother much, so it is easy to apply and wont make you look like a clown. Overall, I don’t think it is really worth the money for something you cant really see. Maybe it will be better on others who have lighter skin tone.