Physiogel Cleanser

This can be use a cold cream to remove makeup and cleanse the face with a tissue or cotton. Or you can use it as a cleanser on wet face and remove with water. And this can be used on face or body. 

Not a big fan on the soap kind. It doesn’t foam up as well and it just feel like putting lotion on the body. For cleanser, it’s slightly better cause the face is smaller. So you basically just have a smaller area to focus on. It leathers alright. It foam up a bit, and it’s super gentle. Whether I like it enough, the answer is no. I like the size of the bottle. It’s good for traveling, but the product even though it’s dual usage, I don’t really like. 


Physiogel Lotion


It’s just a boring lotion. It looks as such. But it’s really good. It’s watery. Easy to apply. Dry quickly. A good lotion for the day time. Even so, it’s very moisturising. I find that it helps with dry skin. It has no colorants, no scent, no preservatives. It’s just a simple body lotion. Lightweight, fast absorbing lotion that strengthen and repair the skin’s moisture. So nothing fancy, but it works. So it’s good.