Pure Beauty Pomegranate Anyioxidang Cleansing Facial Wipes

I was so attracted to the shiny metallic red packaging. This is only $4 from Watsons? I can’t remember but it wasn’t expensive. What I like bout this is that it has raised dots on one side. So it is so call exfoliate your face as you wipe them. But it removes make up well. For the price, it’s really good. It’s just one of those wipes that one sheet is enough but you know you still need to wash your face. It never even say it will remove makeup, but it does. Waterproof mascara not tested, cause my mascara are all not waterproof at the moment. But at least I enjoy this slightly more than the Watsons wipes.  


Pure beauty youth restore essence

I rather like this serum. Managed to use this for 3 days morning and night. It’s soft, smooth and blend into skin quickly. It leaves skin feeling nice and smooth. It is also hydrating that I feel I do not need to use moisturizer.
I don’t know what is black pearl, but it sounds like some fancy marketing gimmick. I wouldn’t say no this serum, but I don’t see any wowness to my skin except to hydrate it. So maybe that’s it.