First Impression: Choosy Pink Pearl

I like this a lot. It just stick on the lips with no hesitation. I will leave it on and do about my things. Only I can’t talk while having this on. But after about 15 minutes, the mask started to get dryer. And that’s when you know you can take it off. My lips are slightly moisturised. It’s no longer dry but not exactly perfect. So I guess with constant uses, this will help with my chapped lips.


First Impression: Choosy Black Pearl

This smells so nice, unlike White Pearl. This smells like lollipop, really makes you want to eat it up. So I enjoy using this more. The longer you use it, the gel kind of shrink. It doesn’t threaten to come off, so it’s nice. My lips feel nice after less flaky but it’s still quite dry. So I guess constant use would be better. I will definitely repurchase this and will try the rest of the pack except of the white pearl. 

First Impression: Pure Smile Pink Flower Mask

I actually like this one. It smells so nice. It’s very cooling when applied. I guess cause I’m using it in an air conditioned room. So it’s very nice. Plus the scent it’s so nice, it’s just very relaxing. I think it’s a rose scent. I can’t really tell. Anyway this has collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Also the fit of this mask is quite good. It stick on my face rather well unlike the rest. I do enjoy using this. 

First Impression: Choosy White Pearl

This is quite nice. It’s like gel eye patches but for lips. It’s just a patch in the shape of the lips. This is in the white pearl which is a white pearl colour mask. I don’t know the rest of the series will follow the colour base on the packaging or what. Anyway, if you just put it on your mouth, it can be uneven and there might be air bubbles. So what I did was sort of close mouth suck. The gel mask followed the shape my lips. But it tasted horrible. The other I did was to pat the mask into the curves, but sometimes it just peel away. 

The mask can be apply for 5-30 minutes. I find that eventually after about 10 mins, it feels sort of drying. Throughout the experience, you can’t talk at all. It’s nice though. The mask is cooling and feels nice. After about 20 mins, I peeled it out cause it felt kind of dry. But my lips are very moisturised. So it’s really nice. 

How I wish I bought more. Oh well next time then.

First Impression: Pure Smile Best Wishes For Love Mask

I always like the Art Deco Masks from Pure Smile. They are just so cute. I tried finding out more about this one. And the only thing I can find is that it is for moisture. So we shall just stick to that. On the packaging it does state collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. So I’m thinking it’s all in this mask. 

This one is very wet. It has a lot of essence and it’s quite messy to apply. Even after almost 45 minutes, the mask still doesn’t dry out. It’s still rather wet. After, my face is quite sticky. It’s not bad. But it’s really full of moisture. I guess this will be good for those dry months. At least for overseas. Singapore is just sunny or raining, humid all year round. So it doesn’t really do much for us. 

But overall it’s just a fun mask to have during sleepover. 

First Impression: Pure Smile Blue Heart Mask

This is like one of the cutest mask I’ve ever used. It’s just fun to apply especially for sleepover. It’s a bit scented so that is sort of something to take note of. From the foil it smells horrible. On the face it is ok. Still can smell it, but it wasn’t as bad.  

Pure Smile Facial Mask-Blue Heart:

*Damask rose flower extract gives moisture to your face skin.

*Portulaca oleracea extract keeps your face skin healthy.

*Witch hazel extract organize and tighten your face skin.

*Hyaluronic acid gives your face skin tension and flexibleness.

*Collagen gives your face skin tension and luster. 

I kind of like it except in the end the scent kind of get to me. It’s a very wet mask, so can be a bit slippery. But it stick on the face, so it’s alright. And it fits my face quite nicely even though it doesn’t seems that way. It’s just comfortable on the face. It’s hydrating. Plus I’m using this in an air con room, and my face feels very cooking. It’s like the mask absorb the cold. Overall, I like it.