Natural Mineral Batheraphy Sport Bath Salts

This actually made my whole bath a pale lilac colour. It’s like Easter come early. I wish the peppermint was stronger. But oh well. In term of soothing sore muscle, I guess it helps a bit. But again, a bath always help. So I don’t see the difference in that. I guess it’s just nice to have this around on those days when your body feel kind of sore. 


Mint Julep Scrub

I heard so much about Mint Julep and I really wanted to get the mask but it was sold out. I decided to get the scrub instead.
It kind of remind me of clay. The color is grey with micro beads. For a scrub, it wasn’t harsh at all. In fact it was very gentle. I don’t like the packaging as its troublesome and gets dirty easily. Doesn’t break me out or anything, but it is not a good scrub. It is a better cleanser as it’s just so gentle. I am sure some people will like it, but I really want a scrub to replace my Beautain. This doesn’t cut it.

I wonder if the mask is any good. Since the mask is the one that is being rave in the first place.