RT brow

So I bought this cause I wanted more brow brushes. The brushes handle are slightly angled. I find that it’s not as easy as I thought it will be. I only use the brow brush. The others 1) the definer – I don’t need it, 2) spoolie – is way too small. 

I like the tweezers. But I only use the angled one. I find that the detailing brush is quite hard to use. It’s pointy and sharp. I thought it will be easy to grab the loose stubborn hair. But I can’t even. It’s hard to get a grab on the hair. So I use it for other purposes, like pulling off loose strand on my shirt. 

So the best thing out of this kit is the angled tweezer. 


RT Foundation Brush

Finally, there is a Nic on the brush name. The older model only has Sam on it. Anyway this is quite a weird brush. Cause it’s just so thin. It is also not dense. I find that ghis is better as a concealer brush. At least for under the eyes. Which is what I have been using this for. Overall, it is an ok brush. Not something I will buy again or will buy if I actually saw a picture of it first. I mean all I could see was the front view. Still a good brush, I just don’t know how to use it. 


RT Your Eyes/Enchanted Starter Set

I am slowly collecting all the RT brushes. I really like them. I buy them all from iHerb.
So this kit consist of 5 brushes and a case which I never use.
Base shadow brush is just nice fluffy all over the lid brush. It’s a nice size to use as it is just a good eye lid size. Like one sweep kind of application and you are good to go. It’s a good size, convinient and fast to apply, that’s what I’m trying to say. 

Deluxe crease brush This is quite an oversize brush. I find that it is quite big for my crease. So I use this to blend concealer for my undereye instead. It’s a better purpose anyway. I also will use this as an all over eye lid brush also. 

Accent brush Remind me a lot of the detailer brush from the face set, but the bristles are shorter. So it is great to use under the eyes or even as an eyeliner. Inner corner of eyes too. It will be very precise as it is quite small and firm. Can be use as a concealer brush too. To cover those small pimples. 

Pixel-point eyeliner brush is quite a fat eyeliner brush I would say. It’s a bit fluffy and I doubt it will be good as an eyeliner. Maybe it can only be use as undereye smudger brush. Like at the v area. Or if you want a really thick eyeliner. I’m sure it work, but I don’t use eyeliner so it’s quite a useless brush for that purpose. Instead I will use it as a crease brush. More for deepening the outer crease. But it takes forever to blend. So ya, I don’t really use this brush much. 

Brow brush I really like this. It is not like normal angle brush, where the bristle is thin. The width of the brush is thicker. So it really is great for brows. I guess you can use it for eyeliner, but only if you want a thicker liner. I like those dense fat angle brush for my brows. As I feel that it is easier and makes my brows look so much more natural when using that. Those thin brow brush is just to sharp looking for my taste. 

So overall, it’s a good brush. I like the handle. Purple, and a mixture of thin and fatter handles. I like the thin one more, looks so dainty. It doesn’t shed when washed. It cleanse quite easily. So ya, I do recommend it.   

RT Blush Brush

I love blush brush most among others. I always picture them, fluffy and soft and easy to clean. At least easier than powder brushes. But of course quality of brushes is something you have to try it yourself to believe it. The thing about brush is that it can look a certain way, but when you touch it, it is just different. So far I don’t have any problem with Real Techniques. I really like them.
The blush brush is a doom shape which can be used a few different ways. I usually use the tip for a light dip of color or as a highlight, or use the side for a wider dimension. I usually like to use this a contour brush or a powder brush. It is really multi-purpose, like most brushes can be. I can’t say it is my favorite blush brush, but it I’ll be looking for it when it goes missing.

RT Setting Brush

rt setting brushI just feel like having a tiny brush specially to set my concealer. Then at the end of the day, I will regret cause I have a lot of brushes to clean.

RT is one of my favourite brush brand. Not only they are good, but they are pretty affordable. So far, none of them shed upon washing. So that’s good.

Setting brush is quite small and tampered. The pointy top can be used as a contour brush. It just makes it really sharp. The side can be use to highlight. I guess the front side too. But the front side, I’ll just use it as its intended purpose. I don’t think this is a brush that everyone must have. But if you are the type who powder only under the eyes and down the T zone, this is good to have around. Fluffy, soft and small. Cleaning time is also faster than using a powder brush.

RT Expert Face Brush

This has officially becomes my favorite foundation brush. It really is worth the hype. It makes blending so much easier and just buff in so smoothly. It gives a beautiful finish with no streaks. When I find foundations that are drying or hard to blend, I will use this. It helps so much and makes applying foundations fun.
The brush doesn’t have fallouts. A couple when first wash, but that’s it. It is dense and soft. It is a doom shape brush and the handle can stand on its own. It can be use as a cream blush brush or use the side as a bronzer brush. I think most brush can be a multipurpose one and this one is no different. But I still think it is best as applying foundations. It really is the best foundation brush I find and I highly recommend it.

3 Days to Xmas: Brushes

Instead of another makeup set, why not get your hands on the tools of the trade. Makeup brushes. You can never have enough of them. There is just so many to choose from, high end to a cheaper option, a set or single brushes. I think Bobbi Brown has really nice sets of brushes. Sephora has beautiful sets too. People always want MAC brushes, so it can always be an additional gift. Therefore, there is nothing better than getting makeup brushes.

I bought Sigma Mr Bunny Travel kit from Luxola. Sigma website do ship internationally, but there is shipping cost. I was debating between the regular and travel set. I was also debating between the regular or the Mr/Mrs Bunny. End up I decided to get this. I think synthetic brushes are better and easier to maintain. This kit comes with the container which is really nice and secure for traveling. Once it’s open, it became two containers which is perfect for storing the brushes, whether at home or on holiday.

It also comes with 7 brushes:
Pencil E30 – Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, upper and lower lash line.
Tapered Blending E40 – Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease.
Eye Shading E55 – Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments.
Small Angle E65 – Essential for the application of gel or cream eye liner on the upper and lower lash line.
Large Powder F30 – Very dense with a rounded top. Ideal to apply powder products on face and body.
Large Angled Contour F40 – The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades.
Foundation F60 – Can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation. Recommended to apply moisturizers and conceal large areas.

All the brushes are smooth. There are hardly any fallout which is awesome. I really love this set. It is just a simple set, perfect for anyone who wants hash free simple kit. I really recommend it.

core collection
Real Technique is probably one of my favorite brand of brushes I own. It’s also not as expensive as the Sigma one. There are 3 permanent sets and I got the Core Collection. It comes with a case which can be use as a stand too. I don’t like it as the stretchy part that hold the brushes is just too tight making putting back the brushes very hard.

The contour brush is quite dense but pretty flexible. So it’s good for a sheer soft finish. I like to use it for setting under eye concealer. Pointed foundation brush is good for liquid foundation. It’s small so it can take forever to apply foundation. What I like to do is use this for under eye concealer and for the curve if my face like around the nose or mouth for a cleaner smooth finish. Detailer brush is tiny. Good as a lip brush or concealer brush. Lastly, buffing brush. Like the contour bush, it’s half dense. Good as a blush brush too.

All the brushes are smooth, I love it. The brushes are flexible in term of what they can be use as. I think most brushes have multiple purposes. What I like about RT is that their brushes are really nice to look at. The bigger brushes can stand on its own as they have a flat bottom surface. Overall it’s a good quality set for an affordable price. You can buy this from iHerb.

ecotools 5 piece
EcoTools Bamboo 5 piece brush set is small enough to stash inside your bag. It comes with a cosmetic bag, mineral powder brush which I use for blush, concealer brush which I interchange as an eyeshadow brush, eye shading brush which is a tad too big for my liking and baby kabuki which is great for an overall dust brush. I use the shading brush as a blending brush. It covers 1/3 of my eyelid, so it’s good to blend the colors together. It can also be use for applying eyeshadow. The brushes are not that dense. It’s soft and doesn’t have many fall out the first time you wash it.
So it’s a simple set for a simple girl.

Stippling brushes

I wanted stippling brush two months ago. Now I have three and I still want the elf mini stippling brush. I am that greedy.

So before my no buy, I went to iHerb.com and decided to buy some stuff to make my own setting spray. In the end, my checkout basket is filled with a bunch of brushes. I told myself that it’s a present for myself for birthday and Christmas and whatever holiday. Just a bunch of excuses. I cannot help but open up the stippling brushes though.

I got myself the E.L.F stippling brush and the Real Techniques stippling brush.
RT is smaller, more dense, shorter and slightly more stiff as compare to ELF. If I have the smaller elf one, I think it will be a better comparison, but they don’t have it on the website. The ELF one is slightly more flexible. I guess the cause its longer(the hair) therefore it can move around more. Plus it kind of spread out. Both brushes are really soft. Even the Sephora stippling brush is not this soft, I did the wrist test in the store. Both has a couple of fallout during the first wash. After, it doesn’t shed anymore. I am really impress with the quality of the brush.

The other one was a gift from a dear friend. He said it was so soft that he just had to get it for me. It is indeed very soft. He got it in Bkk for about S$10. The brush is from Cathy Doll and its number 03. I extremely love it. It’s softer than the other two. I mean all are soft and it’s hard to compare, but keep touching them as you’ll know which one is the softest. I know when it comes to brushes is about the application, but I love touching them.
As you see the comparison between the 3. Cathy Doll is slightly bigger. The brush height is the same as ELF, but it’s just wider. It also has more bristle. The only bad thing is that it absorb the product, that after washing, the foundation still stay. I use Johnson baby shampoo. Even though using olive oil remove foundation better, the shampoo is cheaper. Olive oil is quite expensive here. I also like Daiso sponge cleaner, but I have not go to Daiso in forever.

The handle for CD is also kind of long, making it look more of professional feel. I like the wording on it, as its printed in pink, but it just has a 03 as compare to the others with the name of the brush. The ELF is pretty simple, white wordings but I mean you can tell how much the brush roughly cost. You get what you pay. RT has a pink handle. One side has the brand, the other the type of brush. It’s pretty and I like how the flat handle makes it able to stand on its own.

I use all 3 for everything, foundation, blush, concealer, etc. It probably is just a phase, but I like to use stippling brush for everything now. I’ve neglected the rest of my face brushes.
RT is smaller, so I use it mostly for blush, cream or powder.
ELF and CD for the whole face.
I like how stippling brush makes makeup appear more flawless. It’s also a lighter applicator than a normal foundation brush. It doesn’t matter if I stipple or drag the brush. It does its job. I love my stippling brush. So far, it’s kind of my favorite.

Use code ZTV730 for $10 off your first purchase of minimum $40 ($5 off on smaller orders) from iherb.com. You have to pay for shipping to Singapore. Either $4 or $8 depending on the carrier. But I find that it’s worth it. Plus it only takes 6 days to reach me, even though they said in 10 days.