Red earth lipstick


Red earth lipstick in PK396 is the first ever red lipstick I got. It isn’t that red, but on my lips it looked red. It has a shimmer thus making looks more like a lip gloss. This is the one lipstick that I can apply and make my whole looks more glam. I do not have to put on anything on my face, just this baby and I still look made up.

This is definitely one of the classier normal lipstick out there. It has that old school lipstick smell. I feel so nostalgic putting it on. Nothing much to say, other than its a normal hustle free product you can ever have.


Redearth eyeshadow

Red earth beauty pro eyeshadow
Black panther, satin shine



I like this eyeshadow. It’s one of the two black one I have. As you can see from the picture above, it isn’t used much. I feel that when I apply this, my eyes pop. It was a bit more than I usually wear daily. Mostly I use the greyish black color. So when one day I used this for school, a girl commented that I look different. I guess for once she can see that I put on make up.


From this picture, you can see the second swatch is with primer and the top without. And this is just a swipe. So imagine going over again, the color will be thicker.

It last the whole day with a primer on. Without, pretty much too, except it smudges thanks to my oily lid.

This will make a great shadow for smoky eyes. It doesn’t have glitter, so it is not shiny. You can just use them over the lid to give your eyes some drama. As simple as that. Or wet it and use it as a liner. Pretty versatile.