Super Lustrous Lipstick – Plum Baby

Love the formula. Even though it’s a pearl finish, it has the look of metallic. But it’s wearable. I like how smooth it goes on. I like that the colour is not too crazy. It’s more of a lilac. But that’s cause of the finish I guess. This can look quite pale on me sometimes though. So a blush is needed, if not it will kind of just wash you out. The colour is slightly too dull that it just absorb the light of you. 


Revlon Hair Treatment

This is a all in one hair treatment mask. It’s basically a leave on hair mask. This is a sample size and it’s supposedly sold in salons. It really has that salon scent. I like that it is small and it’s easy to use. The scent also seems like you step out of the salon. It’s a good sample to have for traveling. A good leave in conditioner substitute. It just makes your hair very smooth. I like it. 

Super Lustrous Lipstick – Champagne On Ice

Still love the lustrous lipstick from Revlon. But this one the colour is a bit off for me. It’s more of a pinky bronze colour. It’s very metallic on me when it’s suppose to be a pearl finish. Application is smooth. Pigmentation is good. Swatch really nice too. It’s a really nice colour if you can pull it off. I mean, it looks alright. But this makes my chapped lips super obvious. So it’s just not the right shade for me. Since my lips are really dry all the time. But when it is ok, this looks ok. But I guess it really depend of “brown” tone lipstick is for you or not. 

Super Lustrous Lipstick – Icy Violet


There is just something cool about a purple lipstick. This is more of a dull purple. It’s a pearl finish so it has that little metallic shine. Surprisingly it’s very wearable. I like all the Super Lustrous lipstick so far. They all are pigmented and easy to wear. It goes on smooth and comfortable to use. So it’s just the color that sometimes don’t really seems to be wearable. This is cause of the name, it’s too icy, so it just seems very cold. But luckily it’s very nice on the lips. 

There is a color – Cherry Blossom, which is my fav from the line. It’s a pretty plum shade. But I think it drop out of my bag and it was never seen again. Once I lost that, Icy violet became the color I reached out to use the most. So it just goes to show that this is a good wearable everyday shade. Slightly dual shimmer tone, but not obvious. It just brings a good dimension on the lips. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

I just had to get this. Cause the color is Just so good in the tube. It’s the perfect shade for fall. But after I use it, it’s quite a sheer jelly like color that it’s not deep enough for fall. It will be better for spring. But I mean no one cares. 

Like all Revlon lip butter,  it is very smooth and pigmented. Ya I said sheer, but the color will show. So I mean nothing much to say but I like it. I still like the buttery texture. So yah. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rose & Shine

I do like Revlon lustrous lipsticks. They are just a simple very classic kind of lipstick. Nothing much to say except they are just good average. Average color payoff, average usage, average price point. Just average. It is not bad, I do like them. They have so much color but it’s pricey to buy in Sg. So I got them in airport duty free.
Rose & Shine is a pearly rosy neutral shade. It’s very pretty. But on my lips it just look like my lip color with a light bronzy gold shine. So I guess it’s the most nude it can be on me. It is just lighter a tad. So makes my lips more even, more clean and more uniform.
The color can be build up but still nude on me. Overall I do like it. But it’s still an average lipstick. As the color is not something I will use regularly. But I just have to admit that it compliment my skin really well.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain is a dupe for the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain. The texture and the wand and the feel is exactly the same. I feel that if you never try them before, it will get a while to get used to. It just feel wet, like too much saliva on the wand. Ok that is a gross description, but the wand is just weird. I mean it is not weird, it just feel as such on the lips. It is a somehow triangle shape that is quite furry. Like an old glossy wand. So once you are used to the texture, then you will like it.
The YSL is also a bit more watery I feel and more glossy and has a better staining power. But both are moisturizing and Revlon one is way cheaper.

Bought this when I was in London, that’s what I had to get London Posh which is a pretty neutral light tangerine peach with gold sparkles. The formula for London Posh is a but lumpy. You have to really take your time to smooth it out on your lips. The pigmentation is just not even. So you can see my natural lips under the stain. You can layer it, make it thicker, but it just takes time with this shade. Overall, it is worth it though cause it is just pretty. Glossy, a little sparkle, a very nice not boring neutral color, really good for everyday.
london posh

The other color I got is Rio Rush, a bright pink which on the lips is just a nice pretty shade that is not too wow in your face. It is not sticky, but I don’t know if you can see the strand of hair being stuck on my lip. So it really is more of a pigmented lip gloss rather than a stain. I really love the color, love how it brings out color to my face. I love how if I don’t drink that it will last quite awhile. So for a stain, it is not that good for dinner parties, but I don’t mind not having colors on my lips, so it doesn’t bother me as much.
Even when the color sort of wear off, it doesn’t really just leave you empty. You are left with hint of color other than your natural lips. But ya, this will be a good lip product for daily use. You can wear it sheer, or apply 2 layers for a more opaque color. Really comfortable too.

The packaging is cute, and I want them all. I also do want to try the L’Oreal and Maybelline version of these.

Revlon Photoready Powder

revlonI bought this cause the tester call out to me. It was just the smoothest powder I’ve ever touch. I just kept running my fingers in circle around the compact. I don’t know how I convince myself to buy another powder, like I need another, but I did.

So my shade is Natural Beige. It’s kind of those moment I’m proud of getting the right shade. Anyway the packaging is quite sleek too. Black, matte, simple and has a mirror. This has a SPF 19 too, so it’s quite good.

However, I find that it is not as smooth as the tester. It just has these tiny dots when you run your fingers around it. I sure it is not finely milled or did u just pick up a bad batch. It is also quite cakey on the face, but that could be my fault. I loved my Maybelline and ZA powders, so this just doesn’t compare well for me. I will use it up, but I wouldn’t repurchase.

ColorStay Ultimate liquid lipstick

I don’t know why I did not do research on this before I buy it. I guess I am just looking forward to the fact that’s a liquid lipstick. It’s just so horrible. The color’s beautiful but it’s so drying. And just like the normal colorstay lipsticks, it is smooth to apply on the lips. Like butter but it cracks afterward. Doesn’t help using a balm too.

Anyway the color I got is 005 Platinum Petal.

Glittering Garnet

This is a really bad picture of glittering garnet. The color is suppose to be more fuschia. A dark pinky red/purple. It’s more pink actually but it’s not pink. Love the colorburst lipgloss. It’s non sticky and really pigmented. It’s just vibrant and can be worn on its on. Love the applicator too.