Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer

This is suppose to conceal dark circles, imperfections and discolourations. It’s also suppose to last all day. Warm beige is a slight yellow tone concealer. It’s a shade that should be good for anyone with warmer skin tone. When swatched, the colour doesn’t seems to match me very well. But I can get it to blend into the skin. It’s rather thick and sticky. So that’s good for the long lasting claim. But I’m used to easy to blend concealer that this take some time to get used to. 

Maybe if I have the patience, then I can use this with ease. But for now it just annoy me. I also find that if I rub it in, then this will not cover very well. So I don’t really like this. 


Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel

This is a very waxy brow pencil. It’s smooth and easy to glide across the brows. The problem I have with this is that it’s not good on sparse brows. I have a lil area that in need of coverage and this can’t give me that. I kept going over it, but it just seems to skip over. It doesn’t stick. So this is only good for people who just need to keep their brows in place with a bit of colour. 

Anyway the shade is in 002 hazel which is a brownish taupe. More brown I would say. The colour is fine on me. The packaging has a nice tiny comb. This is good to have. But the quality of the brush is too thin. So it doesn’t brush nicely. It should be good for precise brushing. But to blend the colour to your brows as what I always use kind of thing for, it’s not that good. 

Apocalips – Nude Eclipse


I am one of those people who love apocalips. I don’t mind the scent and I like the pigmentation. This is the nude one, and it’s lighter than my skin tone. If applies more streaky than the rest of the colours. I guess cause this is too light. But with careful application, it will look normal. The shade is surprisingly quite alright on my skin tone. It can look a bit wash out, so it really depend on the day when I use this. On the days I can pull this of, it’s a good nude shade. Wish it was a stain though. But this can’t be worn on dry lips. It just makes the dryness very obvious. If I can rewind time, I will not purchase this. 

Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner -Eastend Snob

This pencil kept breaking on me. It’s too soft I guess. But it’s really nice on the lips. Glides beautifully (before it breaks that is) and super pigmented. Eastern Snob is really a colour that will suit everyone. No wonder there’s just so much rave about this. It’s more of a mauve. But I guess you can say it is pink and neutral too. 

It feels more pink to me. And just using the liner, it makes the crevices on the lips super obvious. So it really can be use as a liner but not a lip colour. For me, this suits a lot of mauve or pink lipsticks. 

So the only thing I don’t like is the fact that it kept breaking. Other than that I like it enough. I just don’t use it cause of the breakage and I think I repeate myself way too much. 

Scandaleyes – Taupe

It glides on the eyes. No tugging, no breakage. It’s smooth and inexpensive. I really do like Scandaleyes. The only thing I feel that it will be the best if it will really set faster. I always feel like this will transfer so easily. Plus it’s quite fast getting the product to be blunt, so must constantly sharpen it. 

Taupe is a beautiful taupe. A bit weird on my eyes, but as long as I line it very thin, it looks fine. This always transfer onto my lashes, so I always have to coat my lashes carefully with mascara. But still love it. 

Kate 42

Kate lipstick came out with the nude series. I wanted to try one to compare the difference, but there is none. This is a creme finish and the shade is towards the pink side of nude. I wish it was slightly darker. I did not see which shade I wanted and everything was sealed. The only way to know for sure is from the bottom that wrote “42”. That’s roughly the shade of the lipstick. 

This is pigmented but as it’s more of a “milky” shade, careful application is a must. If not some of the colour will sheer through. I guess tapping is a good way to apply this, but I prefer using lipstick by gliding it across. So a but mix feeling about this. Sometime it works, sometime it doesn’t. To me, the better Rimmel Kate Lipsticks are the darker solid color ones. They are just truly the easiest to work with and looks great on anyone. 

Apocalips Matte in Atomic Rose

The apocalips in Atomic Rose, a matte pink nude shade. It doesn’t appear matte though. The colour is darker than normal nude, so it is very complimentary. It’s more rosy. It’s smooth and easy to apply. It is a beautiful shade. It is pigmented and doesn’t appear blotchy. Even just a thin coat, it will cover the whole lips nicely. If your lips is kind of dry with chapped skin, the flakes can be seen. But it’s not so bad. Cause the colour is so thick, that it just makes you identify which dry skin you can just peel off. Weird, but it’s the thing I will do. 

Scandaleyes – Nude

Cause they say a nude under the eye is the perfect way to wake up your look. So I tried this. It’s a good liner. Super creamy and doesn’t tug when applied. But it’s so bad for my waterline. It just doesn’t want to stay. I think my eyes water too much. I mean I tried and tried and will try again. But I guess I’m not so used to having liner underneath. So my eyes kind of get irritate? But it really do open up your eyes. Plus it’s so much for forgiving then white. So I guess I have to keep practicing. 

Kate 03


A nude for now. It looks rather alright. More on the pink side. My lips creases is quite obvious though. And the lipstick kind of feather out. So careful application is needed. But with all Kate lipsticks, it’s smooth and pigmented. Easy to apply. I like it. 

Kate 34


I really like the texture of Kate lipstick. The colors are always appealing to me. But the problem is nothing seems to suit me very much. Well except for the darker colors. 34 is a very pretty bubblegum pink. It’s just so sweet and pretty and you just kind of want to lick it. 

Swatches beautifully. Pigmented. Smooth. But the lips it’s kind of patchy. Plus the color is just a tad much on me. It’s not really a cute look. Ok maybe cute but not pretty. I think I should really stop buying Rimmel lipsticks.