RMK Casual Solid Foundation in 02

So I just got this cause it was on sale. I bought it at $15.30 from beautybay. It’s a shimmery cream foundation. When I search it, it looks like it a highlighter. The shade is more yellow like golden sand. On my face, it’s shimmery. It’s quite sheer but it will make your face glow. This is good for people with dry skin. I managed to work with it by not putting so much of it and I will avoid the nose area. It will still leave me oily after a few hours, but at least it brighten up my face for the first few hours. 

I tried using this as a highlighter, but it’s too sheer. It just sink into the face. The shade 02 is alright for me. Cause it just blend into the skin and leave with the shimmer. So it doesn’t really affect the tone. If I saw this in store, I will never purchase it. I notice this is only 3g and I used this a few time. But this barely made a dent. So I think this will last a long time. So if you have a dull looking skin, you can give this a go.