First Impression: Whitening Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

Von told me that I should be religious with my mask and I totally agree with her. It’s just so hard to commit sometimes. But reading her blog every Monday where she did Mask Away Your Blues really motivates you to mask. But reviewing is another story.

It’s the same as all the duo lifting mask. The fit and the shape. So it’s not the most comfortable as it is quite tight at the ear area. The masks are too slim. My face is already small, so I wonder how others find this.
Anyway this is the double platinum + white peony mask. Suppose to be for whitening and brightening, nourishing and softening and basically just improve skin radiance. The result, my skin is visibly whiter. Thus it seems brighter. And my skin is so much smoother and bouncier. Even though when you peel off the mask, there is still some essence lingering on your face and it feels really sticky, some part of your face is drier and feels soft. Not sure if that makes sense, but there you go. The effect of this mask is good.
I would buy more if it is a bit more comfortable to wear. It itches. It’s sticky. That’s the reasons I wouldn’t repurchase. It’s a good mask, but it doesn’t feel good when I apply it for the 15 minutes. So here (raise champagne glass) to finding a better mask.


Sexy Look Escargot Extract mask

4D mask for repair and healing. It is cooling on first application. A bit too tight for my liking. I just feel that it strain my ears a bit. I mean I do like that it comes with the neck piece, but it just tug on my ears.
Even though it said escargot which is snail, I don’t find it gross. It doesn’t smell or anything, it is just a normal mask. I like that it doesn’t have an extra plastic sheet. The mask itself is made of pure cotton or what it claimed to be. I can’t tell the difference. It is just not thin and transparent like some
masks I’ve tried. So it is nice, cause it is not so fragile.
Overall it is quite a relaxing mask to use. Not sticky, moisturizing, it’s comfortable on the skin. So I do like it and will repurchase.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Glowing Silky Mask

Sometimes I can be quite gullible and fall through marketing traps such as cutesy products. This masks I bought just because I want Hello Kitty. There are a few Hello Kitty masks around, but I picked this cause it said strawberry on it.
The mask is too big for my face. It is quite a thin mask, but wasn’t as fragile. It is also very messy, lots of essence, which is good if you like more product, but I don’t like it. I rather have a dryer mask. It just gets so messy having droplets falling of your mask. The scent is quite lovely, makes me think of strawberry even though it doesn’t smell like one. It just mentally will gives you strawberry, I guess it’s cause of the packaging.
I don’t think this mask really do anything. I don’t see the glowing skin, even though I’ve used it quite religiously every other day. Plus I don’t like the fact that it is sticky. Every time I remove the mask, my face will feel really sticky, and will remain that way for at least 10 minutes. So I only do just like the sweet scent of this.

My Night Time Routine

Happy new year everyone. I will start this year with a post on my night time skin care regime.
daiso makeup remover
I will start with makeup wipes. I bought this in Daiso. Daiso has so many different type of makeup wipes and I will eventually try them all. For $2 I start with this wipes. It kind of remind me of wet tissues. It is really wet, so if you use this in air con room, it’s really nice and cooling. The wetness is good for removing makeup including waterproof mascara. I really like that, unlike wet tissues. It comes in 30 sheet per box, really nice for a monthly wipes.

Then I will wash my face with Cle De Peau Creme Demaquillante, which is basically a cleansing cream. I really like it. It removes makeup really well. If I forgot to use the wipes, I will just use this and it removes my makeup just as well. This doesn’t hurt my eyes, so it’s really good to get rid of waterproof mascara. It leaves my skin soft without needing to use actual cleanser.
After brushing my teeth and stuff, I will use Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals to tone my skin. This smells amazing. The rose is not that strong, but rather lovely. It feels nice on the face. Very gentle and refreshing.

I will use Nuxe 24h Soothing and Moisturizing Cream next if I am super tired. But most of the time I will use this after eye cream. This moisturizer is indeed very soothing. It has this scent that calm you. At first I don’t really like it, but eventually I fell in love. It is thick but blend really easily. I like that. It’s not overly oily on the face, and it’s great for night time as when I wake up, my face will be really refresh. The moisture is all absorb into the skin.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair was my night serum. The first time I use this, I woke up with a super awesome glowing skin. It lasted only a day as the next day my skin is back to normal. And eventually I started breaking out around the forehead and cheek. After much analysis I figured this was the culprit. True enough. Though it was only a sample, I felt I had to finish it. So I just use it once a week. Except on that first day, I don’t think I see a difference with my skin. So this is a no for me, but I know many people love it. Oh the scent is also quite off putting. Exactly of herbal scent, the unpleasant kind.

eye cream
Estée Lauder Re-nutria Eye Creme is used after serum. This is really rich and only a tiny amount is needed each time. I was frustrated with my black under eye, I used to lather this on. I then found out milia was growing. Upon research I found out that I used too much eye cream. And so I found that this is a really good rich eye cream. This is 15ml and will last forever, but the lifespan of eye cream is 6 months and its in a container so better follow that guideline.

So cleanse, tone, serum and moisturize, the next step is to use mask. Those sheet masks at least.
I had been using Sexy Look Intensive Firming Duo Lifting. As you can see, the hole for the eye is rather tiny. At least the right one is. It is extremely uncomfortable. I don’t have a problem with the blue one. And all the masks in the box is the same. So maybe I got a bad box or it’s like that. This mask is moisturizing even though I only leave it on for awhile, not the full 15 minutes. So that’s about it.

After the mask, I will use acne cream if I have spots and lastly I will apply a lip balm.

Sexy Look Ultra Whitening Duo Lifting mask

Enriched with Pearl Barley and Hyaluronic Acid to brightens and smoothens skin while give it ample moisture.

Oh dear, I have such a chubby face. Anyway, this mask is just a mask. I like the fact that it has the hooks. I feel more secure that way. That’s pretty much the only thing about it. It doesn’t really moisturize my face, as what it claim to be. I guess I tried others that did better jobs on moisturizing, so this is a let down. It also doesn’t whiten my face. I don’t see the “brighten” effect. The only time I like to use this is in a really cooling room. It feels like you put on cool wet towel on your face. But I can do that with regular towel, I don’t need to pay so much for masks. So ya, not a fan.

Sexy Look Honey & Chamomile Mask

Effect: moisturizing, skin repair, firming

It has a cooling effect. It just feels cool and refreshing. When removing the mask from the package, it has excess liquid. I don’t know what the liquid is call, but basically it’s what the mask soak. So the liquid will be the one giving us the effect stated above.

I like to put the mask for 30min, even though 20 is sufficient. I just like the moisture to be soaked through my skin. Anyway, even after 30, the mask is not totally drying. It still has the wet tissue feel after being expose for a while.

Removed the mask, and I massage the rest of the lotion leftover on the face and neck. It is not overly sticky. Just really moisturizing. My skin feels so nice and cooling, have I mention that?

Sexy Look Diamond Particles & Collagen Mask

Effects: Nourishing, Moisturizing, Brightening and help lift skin

Contents: Diamond Powder , Soluble Collagen , Melanotatine-S , Black Pearl Extract , Jobs Tears Extract , Ginkkgo Biloba Extract , Sodium Hyaluronate

One of the nice thing bout Sexylook masks is that they have neck flap thing. So not only it covers your face, it covers your neck too. There is this extra flap that can be hook onto your ears. Basically, the mask will pull all over your face. From the side and jaw, it got pull. Not a bad thing, but it can get uncomfortable if you are not use to it.

For the effects, I don’t know if it really brighten you, I guess you have to use a lot of it. But so far it is moisturizing. The pack itself is filled with extra liquid, so it can be a mess to take it off.