Shiseido MicroTargeting Spot Corrector

I used to use this white lucent range. The packaging has change to the pink one. But anyway this is the spot corrector. I only use this serum at night. It does make my skin feel softer. So that is a nice bonus. Doesn’t really make a different on my skin. I was hoping that this will balance out my skin. I mean I don’t really have noticeable pigmentation on my face. So I guess you cant really see it with naked eyes if this make a difference. I just want to maintain my skin and not have spots when older. So will continue to use this but will not repurchase. As it cost $155 for 30ml. Very steep.


Chapsticks 3

Manuka Honey Lip Balm made in New Zealand is a really oily lip balm. It is so moisturising, really good for dry lips.

Shiseido Full Correction Lip Treatment is rather oily. Not a big fan of it. I guess it can be used as a short term gloss.

Institut Karite Shea Lip Stick.
A normal stick balm. It is quite alright at moistening the lips. It is fine for a normal balm. Nothing special about it.

Shiseido Moisture Mist Face Powder

My skin is no longer so fussy that only matte powder will do. So I can use this kind of powder. It is translucent but it actually is quite on the shimmery side. Not extremely shimmery nor it will show. But it is just not matte.

I actually like the big puffy powder puff. It just makes applying a breeze. Also, I find that my face doesn’t really get oily as fast. So this powder is perfect for me. Plus I think this about $10? I cant remember but it wasn’t expensive. For something from Shiseido, it really is quite a bargain.

Shiseido Acne Washing Foam

This is nice. Less than $10 and it’s a very fuss free cleanser. It’s a scrub cleanser but for daily use. So quite surprising. I mean it’s not a scrub exactly but it has that little bit of grains. Also, this is for acne. While it doesn’t eliminate my spots completely, it helps to keep new ones for popping out. But so far, I can only find this in Taiwan.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

I have a few Shiseido and Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. I still find that the cheaper versions of these are better. I mean, you can go Sephora and get the $30 one, or go to the stores in HK or Taiwan and get them at $10+. I mean they are still Shiseido/Shu, but it’s different. Not only it’s cheaper, it’s just softer. I don’t know, maybe it won’t last as long, but it doesn’t hurt my lashes. So it’s so much nicer on me.

Shiseido The Hair Care Adenovital

I don’t really like the bottle cause it’s a bit hard to press. I guess the point is to actually just let it drip. But I can’t stand it. I have to transfer this into a spray bottle and it’s annoying to have to let the liquid out of this bottle. 

Anyway, the product is fine. It’s slightly minty but not too strong. Whether it helps in hair care I do not really see it. But I do enjoy using it cause it just makes my head rather fresh. So it’s a nice feeling. 

Shiseido Facial Cotton

This is so nice. I understand why people love it. It’s thick but soft. It doesn’t fray easily. When you use it with micellar water, the cotton doesn’t feel like it soak through. And it will spread out and become bigger but thinner of course. However, it still doesn’t fray. So it’s really awesome. I bought this at Taiwan Watsons. I can’t remember how much. maybe around $10SG. It has 165 cotton squares. I like it but I always feel like it’s very wasteful if I use it. So you know it’s that kind of feeling. I guess cause it’s just too expensive for cotton. And I still can’t find this in Singapore. So once it’s gone, I’ll be very sad. 

Shiseido Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil

This is just a black liner. In term how dark it is, you sort of have to press the liner or go over it twice. Cause just one run, it’s not very dark. Too me it’s ok, cause I don’t really like too dark. It’s soft and glide on easily. It just doesn’t give a very neat line. I guess it’s just a good liner for smudging. The other end of the pencil is a pointed quite dense sponge. I’m not a liner person. So to me it’s just a liner. 

When trying to draw a line on my lids, it’s not very smooth. It’s quite hard to get the product to transfer actually. It will not be a solid line. Even trying to dot it, it will not be a good line. 

Shiseido White Lucent 

My skin I decided is really sensitive to whitening product. It just seems that everytime I tried using a whitening product, my face will break out. But so my family use Shiseido and it suits them, so they ask me to give Shiseido a chance despite the White Lucent being a whitening product. Or more correct is to help fight dark spots. 


Brightening Balancing Softener W is a refreshing whitening lotion that softens and immediately hydrates skin for an optimally refined, luminous complexion. Well, seriously as toner goes, it’s just a toner. It does hydrate my skin which is weird cause the scent of alcohol is quite noticeable. It dries in maybe 10 seconds but I have to let it dry longer, if not my face will be quite sticky. It is cooling, and I feel it will be a great face mist for people with normal skin. After using not-regularly for 3 months, I just notice that box said it is for normal to oily skin. I guess that’s why I don’t really have a problem with this. But it is just a tad oily on my face, especially at the high points of my cheek. Doesn’t make my face more luminous. Well, the “shiny” part of my face, I guess it’s suppose to be the luminous claim. It is in 150ml, and since I don’t use it regularly, I still have a lot left. And I feel that even for daily use, I will probably still have it. And if I do use it regularly, it will probably helps with dark spots. 

Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + is created to diminish stubborn dark spots. This is 30ml just like most serum. To use, apply to forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Then message into skin from center of face outwards. Have to at least message three times consecutively. Interesting, I just saw that on the box too. Just goes to show that human don’t bother with instructions. Or is it just me? Anyway, I don’t use this regularly too. As I find that it is kind of not for oily skin. But it does absorb into the skin quickly, and makes skin feel hydrated and “renewed in radiance”. I don’t know, it is just not something I immediately love. So I don’t really use it. 

Brightening Protective Emulsion W is daytime moisturizer with SPF15. This is only 75ml, and what do you know, also for normal to oily skin. And I am always amaze when this doesn’t leave my face too oily. Now I know that it is in fact catered to oily skin. A good thing I kept the boxes. 

I’ve been using daily for the past 2 months and I only use 3/4 pump each time. By the sound of it, I still have a lot of product left. If I use a full pump, it always seem too much. And it kind of make my face appears more dewy. So less product is better. I take the product, rub between my hands and apply it all over my face. This is the best way to make sure that my face is covered but I don’t have too much product. My face will be less oily this way. Now that I know it is suited for oily skin, I guess it is alright. It really depend on your lifestyle and where you stay. In sunny Singapore, if I stay too much out then my face will be oily by the end of 6 hours? If I just stay in office with air con on, it will last till I reach home like 10 hours. So I wouldn’t say this is the best moisturizer for oily skin, but I enjoy it enough that I use it daily. 

So surprisingly, this is really good for my skin. I mean it doesn’t further break me out, but this also doesn’t seems to help remove existing spots. It helps a bit, but I still have them, especially on my right cheek. And one of the reason I kept using the moisturiser is that the first time is use it, my face was glowing. It really did gave me a radiance glow. It was so good. But of course eventually my face doesn’t seem to glow as much anymore cause I am just used to it. 

I wish products all come in travel size. Not only they will be cheaper but you get to finish them faster and try out new things. Or buy them again and at least your shopping spree will be consist of things you need instead of everything else. But yes, a lot of packaging, bad for environment, etc. I just have to deal with it. 

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick

This is in color RD305, a berry red that’s pretty for the fall actually. But we have no fall, so it’s just a year round color for us. You can say it’s a deep color, but it’s also quite bright which is perfect for the afternoon.   

It’s a smooth, pigmented lipstick that glides on easily on the lips. It’s moisturizing and feels really nice. Since it’s quite a dark color, it sort of stain the lips. Leaving you with a nice berry stained lips. It’s not really long lasting, but the stain kind of helps making your lips look good for a longer time. It doesn’t dry up your lips. So it’s a really good lipstick. Recommended.