I Love My Shu Shu Palette

This is a 2015 limited edition palette from Shu Uemura. It cost Us$69, so it’s rather pricey. I was given this and kept this in the box until a month a guy. So I’ve been playing with it for awhile now and it’s not something I would use. It’s just too colourful for me. I like the pigments on the shadows, but the colour is just not me. It has 2 great purple shadows, and a gorgeous deep forest shade but I feel that you still need a nuetral palette to complete a look. And there’s a light pink highlight, which is darker on the pan. 

The blush is a nice pink. Very pigmented too. It’s wearable so that’s good. It’s a fun palette. Definitely good to bring out for summer fun. Plus they do last well on the face. But yah, it’s just not my cup of tea. 


Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

A lot of people swear by this. I just think it’s so so. The cushion is not soft enough for my liking. The fit is ok for me. It doesn’t clamp my lid. So that’s good. But it’s the cushion. I like my curler to be soft that when you clamp the lashes, it will be rather gentle. So ya, this is good in term of its performance and lash curling ability. Lashes stay curl whenever I check in the mirror. But that may be cause of the good mascara I’m using. So ya. 

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

I have the travel size Skin Purifier, then I was given an even smaller sample. It’s even better for travel as it’s so much smaller. But the bigger one has a stopper so the oil will drop will come out one by one. The green one has a bigger opening, so you have to pour it out.  

To use this: a few pump, if the original size, or just a few drops as you see fit on dry hands. Spread gently onto dry face and massage face. Add a few drop of water to face. The oil will turn milky. Rinse face with water. 


Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil is for whitening concerns. It is light-textured oil with Vitamin C, empowered with Fruit Acid Mix to remove accumulated melanin for a pristine, clear, visibly transparent skin. I like this. The scent is nice. It’s good at removing stubborn makeup. 

Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O Advance Formula (Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Anti-dullness Cleansing Oil) is to remove dullness for a clear, glowing complexion, so basically for aging concerns. It has Green Tea Extract, empowered by Ginkgo Leaf Extract, known for its anti-oxidant and microcirculation properties, to revitalize the appearance of fatigued skin and refine skin texture. I just don’t really like scent of this. It’s not as pleasant as the Whitefficient. Other than that, it’s ok. I need to use more of the oil to get a whole face worth. 

I use the Whitefficient first and I learn that I don’t like oil. Cause they are just so hard to clean after. It just leave behind this oily residue. But I wasn’t convince cause everyone loves this. So I tried again and again. And after the forth time I change my mind. I really do like this. No more residue, it fact it kept my face feeling very moisturise and bouncy clean. I love it. It is so easy to remove makeup. Of course I will still do a 2 step cleansing. But it just give me the assurance that my makeup will all be remove. 

But I don’t really like the green one cause of the scent. I also find that it doesn’t perform as good as the blue one. But I really do want to try more. Especially the fresh one which is for pore concern. 

If you can get your hand on smaller sizes, this will be a good cleansing oil to try. I mean to try out all the different ones before buying the full size that you like. 

Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited in RD 20 C

Love tiny products. This is only 2.38ml. It’s a travel size clear glossy gloss. It’s pink, just not pigmented. But it does makes the lips appear more pink. A jelly finish texture that doesn’t have a scent. The applicator is nice. Nothing much to say other than good travel size product.


Shu Eumura Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation

I just can’t seems to get the right shade for foundations. However, I’ve just splashed them all over my face without remorse. It’s the life. I’ve been using the Skin79 BB creams and I’ve been enjoying them a lot. I just can’t help but try out new foundations. In this case it’s the Face Architect foundation. This isn’t mine, but my cousin doesn’t suit this, so she passed it along. I just gladly take it as it’s an excuse to try and review them.
So here it is and I like the packaging first of all. There is a pump which is great and the bottle is just a frosted glass which fits my hand comfortably. This is in the color 764 medium light beige. It’s a tad yellow for me.

The foundation itself is a pretty full coverage. I only need a little dot for my whole face. It’s quite thick but quite liquidity and easily blend. Cause it’s yellow, it brightens up my face quite nicely. It’s not a matte finish but not that dewy too. I have to powder it up as it will be oily after awhile. Lasting power is not that great. I find that after 6 hours, it start to break down. So I really need to use a primer to help it last.

It’s a good foundation and even though the color doesn’t suit me, I can get away with it. So I do like this.

Mini toner reviews

Shu Uemura vitalizing refining lotion has a kind of scent that is refreshing and girly. Very florally but not flower like. I don’t know how to describe. But its the scent that make this toner different.

Lancôme renergie lift volumetry really feels like you are putting water on your face. Just that it takes longer to dry and doesn’t give you the refresh feeling water can. The container is good as it just pour out one droplet by one, so you won’t waste the product. I feel that 2/3 drops is enough on a cotton pad to cover the whole face.

Estée Lauder radiant vitality energy lotion intense moist. This is thicker than the other two. Kind of remind me of Hada Labo, the liquid consistency is like that. Smells like the vitalizing refining lotion. It’s nice. Since its thick I tend to. Pour a little on the cotton, but I find that it can’t cover the whole face. But pour too much, my face tend to be soaked. It’s a bit too much for me. Like its just too hydrated.

Summer Travels Makeup Product

So I went for a few mini vacations this summer. Mostly to places where the sun is scorching hot. In other words, places like Singapore. I couldn’t be bothered with makeup, but I just brought along a few things.

I got this makeup bag for free with purchase of theBalm products.

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Shu Uemura UV under base mousse (pink)

I love this so much when I was in HK. I tried it again in this hot humid climate, and it suck.

It goes on pink and its really hard to apply. It just doesn’t spread very well. Well I know that the foam is pink and it said pink on the can, but I do not have that problem in HK. So I guess the weather plays a part.

In Hong Kong: I love how this product make my face so smooth and matte looking. I love the foam and the texture. It just feels so fun to apply. Plus it is pink, and goes on a bit lighter than my skin tone making me look fairer and fresher.
The only downside is that as a foam it disappear very quickly, so you have to put it on fast.

In Singapore: after managing to put everything as evenly as I possible can, my face is a shade pink 01. It is just a whitish pink, and so different from my skin tone. It doesn’t gives a matte finish. More of a dewy look and a few hours later makes my face look really oily.
It doesn’t help to smoothen my face. As a base, it doesn’t do its work.

Therefore I guess this is a good product for cold weather. For those who tend to have a drier skin. Plus the pink is meant for fair skin, so it probably is not suitable for me. Then again, it worked so beautifully in HK. Oh well, at least the can is pretty.

Lash builder


lash builder ultimate lash appearance boosting serum for visibly longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. The first step for perfect lash make-up finish. Enables you to attain beautifully rebuilt lashes through triple beneficial actions that will:

  1. support natural lash growth and prevent lash loss during make-up removal by revolutionary culticilia complex
  2. visibly repair, fortify and protect your lashes for a healthy strong look
  3. smooth lash surface to maximize mascara finish

So ya, the above info is all taken from the website.

It is a clear mascara that smell like a childhood toy, the bubble balloon thing. I like the brush. It is tiny, shape like a mini Christmas tree. It applies well, managed to reach all the hard to reach places (inner corner of eye). So, I will apply this on days I have a lot of time to apply make up. Most of my mascara is great on its on, so I do not think I need this. But since this is sort like a base for mascara, you can just apply it and it gives the illusion of longer thicker lashes. As you then will be covered with more mascara than normal. Obviously, double the amount, how to not have fuller lashes?

Sometimes, I just use this on its on, if I am not really going anywhere. I just want to feel like I’m made. Lame I know, but I really like brush. So small and great at separating lashes (not really). More so like all the lashes will be coated. Unlike normal mascara, when you apply that’s it. Your lashes is coated and its intimidating to more coat on. I guess this can be use as a mascara practice. Especially for those first timer. On the other hand, you have pay a huge sum for it. So, in the end not that worth it.