Silkpro Daily Treatment Masque

I’ve been using this as a conditioner and it’s not that good. It feels like I have to use a lot to actually help my hair. This is suppose to be better than conditioner as it is a mask sort of. But it’s just slide off most of the time. Even as a lather for shaving my leg, this doesn’t stay on as well. So I don’t like this. 


Silkpro Samples Pack

A nice sample pack that gives you the option to choose shampoo between normal and oily hair. It’s just so considerate. But Silkpro is telling us that we should have a base shampoo which is the hair fall control, then they give us another sample which is the oil control to use every other day. Follow up by treatment conditioner. Then lastly which they never give us is the hair tonic concentrate.
Hair fall – it’s just normal to me. Doesn’t make my hair oily till the next day, doesn’t prevent my hair from falling.
Oily – it strips off all moisture from my hair. Not fun. But it’s really for oil control. Feels secure using it. However less than 12 hours later, hair is starting to look oily again.
Conditioner – pretty much just a conditioner. But they tell us to wait for 5-10 minutes every time using this. So it really can waste time.

Overall, it is alright. I enjoy using it. If I have to buy one, I’ll probably get the hair fall shampoo, as I feel the oily hair one doesn’t really feel nice on the scalp.