SilkyGirl Long-Wearing Lipliner

I thought I saw this for $2.80. End up it was $8.90. I wanted to cancel but I didn’t know until I saw the receipt. Oh well, at least it is retractable so that’s nice. And the color of in 01 Nude, which can be use for anything.
I was wrong.

This is so drying. It applies alright, but when I try to shade in all my lips, it is just so flaky. Even under a balm, it doesn’t help. I guess that’s why it is long wearing. The pencil kind of broke on me. So that’s like a dollar gone just like that by being broken. The worse is that it still allow my lipstick to bleed. What’s the point then?
The color is quite dark for a nude. It is alright for me as my lips are pigmented. It is made in Germany so that is nice. And the more I use it, the more it gets better. I guess the lead inside that’s not really expose to air is less drying. But it still doesn’t do its job. I am not gonna regret but next time I would not buy anymore.


Silkygirl duo eyeshadows

During one of the social dance performance, our makeup require us to wear black and white shadows. So I found this. The packaging is simple and compact. It has a tiny sponge brush, which is useable.
yin yangyin yang
This is Ying and Yang. The colors are rather powdery. As pigmentation goes, it wasn’t bad. The shadows sadly doesn’t last very long. Maybe at most 2 hours? Using primer helps though. Without it, the colors fade easily and it just smudge badly. Considering the black is so much more stronger than white, the latter cannot be seen at all.

Then I couldn’t resist picking this at the same time.
smokey sparksmoky spark
I choose Smokey Spark as I like the colors. It’s smokey silvery better than the others. There are many duos to choose from but I got my eyes on this. The pigmentation is slightly better than the black color, but staying power is roughly the same. It just smudge off easily. Rather disappointed considering brands like MUA selling £1 shadows. I’m spoilt, cheap and picky. I don’t think I’ll be buying Silkygirl anymore, as I bought these for $6.90/$7.90 each.

Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipsticks

I bought 2 more of these during their one for one sale. I pick up Pure, a nice natural color. I would say it is rather brown with a pink tone. These lipsticks are moisturising and has a creme finish. It doesn’t last long though. I do however think it is worth when you buy it at $6, as it still leave some colors after 3 hours. It sort of like tint your lips without staining it. So even without touch up, you do not have a plain looking lips.

The second one is Appealing. It is much more brighter and has a more orange tone in it. More coral, I would say. I am not so keen on this color, as it can look a bit caked on, if that make sense. So you really have to apply this lightly. I just like to tap this onto my lips instead of sliding it across.

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Silkygirl moisture rich lip stick in 01


Silkygirl is one of the cheapest brand of make up you can find in Singapore, a trusted one that is. Since after sale, the lipstick cost about $6, I decided to just grab it (after testing a bunch of colors). The tester when applied is smooth. It is really rich in moisture.

Naked as its name claim, it gives a nude, slightly brown, slightly orange-pink color on my lips. So the more layer you apply the darker it gets, thus no longer nude nor naked. It become another colored lipstick. It matches with the browns, tans and cream color clothes you wear. Since the jacket I bring out most of the time is cream, for any last minute in a hurry cant put so much make up on, I will use this lipstick.

Plus it covered up my crack lip, so I’m really impress.

I like this, but I am not in love with it. As I prefer the texture of lip butter.
So this is the color after two hours of used. As you can see, touch up is needed. But it still have a hint of color on my lips, so it wasn’t bad.