Eyelash growth treatment

I got this Skin Peptoxyl from Sasa as I was looking for eyelash growth treatment. The SA recommended me this. It was one of the cheapest one. It is not as good as Talika, but it is alright.
I don’t use it AM and PM nor do I use it everyday. At most I use at night. I do not really see a difference. After my lash extension 2 years ago, my lashes still pretty sparse. Like it wasn’t as full as before. And I never really notice or have a problem with my lower lashes until I watched all YouTube beauty tutorials. I practically have none, lower lashes that is. I really like my lashes to grow. Maybe thicker or some to grow, but I see no difference.

The only thing I guess I can learn from here is that since it is a clear liquid, and the brush is like eye liner, I learn to apply eye liner, without the color. So it was a good practice every now and again. And maybe if I actually use this daily, it will make a difference. But I am just too lazy. Oh well.