Skinlite seaweed essence mask

Bought this when I was in HK intending to use it there, but I did not have the time. This is for revitalizing and hydrating. Complexion appears firmer, fresher and healthier.

Not a fan of this sheet mask. It doesn’t fit snuggly on my face. It is not as hydrating as others I’ve tried. It’s cooling which is probably the only good thing bout this. But it also dry rather quickly on the bottom half of the mask and it just flap out which annoy me. Usually mask when dry, they still stay put until you remove them.
It isn’t as bad if you see here. There’s a lot of slits around the mask that suppose to help hug onto your face. Especially the nose part. Usually the sheet kind of lift off on the bridge of the nose, with this mask, you can easily push it down to cover it. So that’s the property I like to see in most masks.

One last thing, you are not suppose to really use a mask if you have blemishes. For me usually that’s not a problem. But using this mask, it actually hurt. So ya, not a fan.