S&G Foam Call Body Wash

I showered at my guest bathroom. Cause it’s such a waste to have 2 showers and you only use the one in your master bedroom. Plus the flat is so small, the bathroom is side by side. No doubt I love S&G body washes. So this one is no exception. It has a light subtle scent, but a very moisturising effect. So I don’t have to use body lotion after and skin still feels really good.

I still prefer the original scent, which is why I would not be repurchasing this. But as a body wash for guest is rather perfect. You just need something subtle and nice. As it everyone is keen on scents.


S&G Hand Cleansing Gel

Not all hand sanitizers are created equally. Truly, I never expect to sanitizer to be fun. But there’s just so many out there to choose from with so many different scent. S&G have 2 – Sugar Crush and Hand Maid. Their formula is slightly differ from other sanitizer. They are more gel like. It is like playing with gel – soft and fun. But of course it will be gone after your rub your hands. They actually leave your hands rather smooth. 

Sugar crush doesn’t have the scent of sugar crush. I mean it does, but very subtle. I still like the Hand Maid as not only it’s my fav S&G scent, the scent lingers too. It’s not overpowering, but it lingers. So it’s nice. I love it. 

S&G Rich & Famous Body Wash

Dual-use shower and bath which is good I guess this will bubble up nicely. The problem with this is that among all the S&G body wash, this is the one that I have no opinion on. It’s like just so general. The scent is not strong enough. It doesn’t captivate you. The colour is like that nothing interesting. 

The product itself is good. It lathers well. And basically a good moisturising body wash. But it just doesn’t scream buy me. And once you use it, it doesn’t scream buy me again. So I will continue to use it. It’s still a good soap. But it just doesn’t make me happy using this. Is that weird?

S&G Travel Size Body Wash

I like these shower gels. They comes in 75ml, instead of the usual 50ml travel size. Anyway these travel size ones is $8 per bottle at Sephora. 

I have the Clean On Me Shower Gel and Clean Girls Body Wash. I like them enough. They’re moisturizing and lather on well. The scents are alright too. I just still prefer the original scent. 

S&G Whipped Clean Shower Butter

This smells of almonds, but when you lather it on, it smells of pistachio. The shower butter feels like body lotion. But it will lather and bubble up when you rub it in. It takes some getting used to, but once you know how to soap it up, it’s really nice to use this. Cause it’s just the most moisturing shower gel ever. Ok, it’s not a gel, it’s just a good no hassle soap. And you don’t have to use body lotion after, cause your skin is already so smooth. It helps with dry skin and saves time from using body lotion. See, it’s a good shower wash for lazy people like me. 

S&G Calm One Calm All Bubbling Bath Soak

Well this is meant for bubble bath, but I used it as a shower gel. It’s nice cause it’s just so foamy. But I feel the scent is lacking. It’s alright when you are using it but once you rinse it off, it’s gone. I guess if used as bubble bath, it will linger better. Cause with the mix of water, it should stick on the skin better. 

S&G Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Body Buff

This is so nice. It’s pretty. It’s pink. The smell, I kind of prefer the original S&G scent. But this is a good scrub. It’s coarse enough yet very gentle. This is 50ml travel size one. But I don’t think it’s wise to bring this along for traveling. The packaging kind of “leak”. As in it’s just not fully tight. Not secure enough. But I guess cause it’s the moisture. Like this is not a dry body scrub. It’s just very moisturing kind. 

S&G Flake Away

Among all the S&G scent, this is my fav. The body scrub is a bit hard to lather on. So the way I use this is to take a handful and add on with a bit of body wash. It helps to get the scrub move across my body. The scrub particles are small and not abrasive. It’s rather gentle but powerful. At least it won’t break your skin but will give you a gentle rub down. This is just 50g, which is quite perfect in the bathroom. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It will last awhile. It’s cute. Full stop. 

S&G Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush is a very light scent as compare to the rest of the S&G scents. I guess it is suppose to be lime, lemon kind of scent. But it really is just very light. The body wash is like a moisturiser. It is creamy white and feels like a body lotion. It lathers slightly, so you know that you are using body wash and not lotion.

This is a 500ml bottle, and I have to use about 3 full pump for my whole body. Still it will last quite a long time, but I was hoping that this has a stronger scent. As I feel I put this on, but it just doesn’t make me as refreshed as I should be. At least it is moisturising so it wasn’t a waste.

But S&G is quite on the pricey side. I mean it wasn’t bad. But I compare it to the UK and SG is overpriced. Oh well, at least it has a pump.

The Righteous Butter

Love the scent. Love Soap & Glory in general. I really want to own more of their product. Now if only money grows on tree.

This is a very thick body lotion which I feel works better on a hot warm day. It is a good body lotion but it is so hard to apply on the skin. It just doesn’t glide. It takes time for application as I always use this in aircon room. So it always feel like it doesn’t melt onto the skin. It doesn’t absorb into the skin quite fast, but it will absorb eventually. Maybe like 15 seconds later. It’s very moisturising on the skin though. I guess I am too used to watery lotion. 

I like that it is in a small container. Plus it is a butter, so it is thicker. 

Will repurchase? Yes.