Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening UV Compact

I love Sulwhasoo. So I was so happy having a chance to try out their powder. One thing I don’t like straight away is the packaging. The plastic divider between the sponge and powder, it pull up instead of side way. So it kind of block the mirror.  

The powder has a really mild scent of ginger. It is also quite pretty with white flakes which is the whitening part of it. Powder is not smooth and its a bit light for me. But on the face, it’s not as bad. I think they only have one shade, as I don’t see any claim on a shade on it. It said that the marble type particles apply transparently. I guess it is, but too small to really see if it really is transparent or just makes it whiter. 

It has a SPF of 50, so it’s nice. It is not a powder that is meant for oily skin, so my skin will get oily after a while. I don’t really like that. But it’s easy to touch up, so it’s not really a problem. But ya, the packaging. Why can’t it move to the side instead of the top. I need the mirror when I apply the powder. So it’s kind of a hassle. 

The last thing I want to talk about is the applicator. It’s a super unique sponge. It has 2 sides like all sponges, but the sides are different. The puff has different material. One side is is soft which is for a matte finish; the other is spongy for a light finish. I prefer the soft side as it’s so much smoother on the face. Sponge is a tapping motion, I’m too lazy for that most of the time. But it’s nice to have the options to use both sides of the applicator. Alternatively you can use a brush for an even skin tone. 

I guess which method you use, there will be slight difference. But if this is just one step in your face routine then it doesn’t really matter much. 

Recommended for normal combo skin. Oily skin can wear this as long as the sun is not crazy. And only if you are ok with the scent of ginger even though it doesn’t linger or transfer to your face. 


Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Kit

Sulwhasoo is a Korean beauty brand and I am really late in jumping into the bandwagon. A year or two or three ago, Sulwhasoo is a brand that Asian beauty bloggers rave about. I guess it was because of the K-pop raves and the fact that Sulwhasoo is finally available in Singapore. Personally I don’t know much about the brand, and this was given to my mom who gave it to me. There are phrases like:

To balance yin and yang energies.
Finest blend of devotion, wisdom and modern science.
Traditional Korean herbs.

It just sounds so wholesome and I am really excited to try them.

So there are 5 items in this kit, which are all the product of the timetreasure line. There is also a brochure describing each item and how to use them.
I will talk about the product according to the steps it was meant to be applied. By the way, these can be applied for both morning and night.

Timetreasure Perfecting Water [20ml]
This suppose to absorb quickly and leave the skin smooth for hydration to the deepest layer of skin. I am suppose to use my fingers to gently spread across the face. But I find that I always pour more than intended on my palm. I am not sure if full size’s packaging will be better, but this is just too messy for me. Cause the water appears milky, and it’s sticky. Yes, it do absorbs into the skin eventually, but still sticky.

Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion [20ml]
This is the opposite from the water. I have to tap the bottle to get the product out. It’s still liquidly, but it is harder to apply on the skin. It doesn’t just blend as easily. I tried, and it is cause of the water. If apply these on bare skin, it will quite a breeze. Anyway, this isotope promote a soft glow while simultaneously refining skin texture.

Timetreasure Renovating Serum [5ml]
For 5ml, the bottle is the biggest, but it has a pump, quite cool. Anyway this is to restore skin vitality, promoting youthful looking skin and effectively diminishes signs of aging. Now who doesn’t want that?
This is a thicker consistency than the emulsion. But it is easier to blend. Plus it feels really nice on my palms. It will make one very expensive hand cream. The scent is also not as strong as the others.

Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream [3ml]
This suppose to help improve skin defense and reduce puffiness. Plus helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle. I think a lot of eye cream says that, but this really helps to reduce my puffy eyes. It is quite light when applied which is nice. However the price will make you think twice.

Timetreasure Renovating Cream [8ml]
Lastly, this is to promote youthful healthy looking skin. This appear quite light, but it is actually very thick when applied.

Timetreasure line smells really herbal like. It’s like walking into a salon, or a traditional medicine shop. I said salon, cause that’s what it associate me with whenever I apply these. Like those really strong hair tonic scent. You kind of get used to the scent.
Personally I feel that these are better on mature skin or anyone with dryer skin. After all the 5 steps, my face is just so oily and feels really heavy. I know anti-aging product are meant for more mature skin, that’s why the stuff are more moisturizing and rich. But I don’t really have a problem with them. I guess I do now, cause it is the whole skincare routine, like it is too much for me.
Among the five, my favorite got to be the serum. It is the nicest to apply on. However the cream is the one that you can feel that your face is being tighter, even on my first application. So you really can tell how awesome it is. But obviously look at the price.

Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Line (Oct 2013)
Timetreasure Perfecting Water 125ml/SGD130
Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion 125ml/SGD150
Timetreasure Renovating Serum 50ml/SGD370
Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream 25ml/SGD310
Timetreasure Renovating Cream 60ml/SGD498
*taken from A Blissful Living.

So yes Sulwhasoo is a brand that you can’t mess around with. Sure they have a range of products with different price point, and I happen to try their more if not most expensive line, but it is quite on the pricier side. Well, as compared to Korean brands like Thefaceshop. But it is just average comparing to other well known skincare brands.