Shampoo, tried & tested 5

Clear Women Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for dry scalp and itchy control. I don’t like this. I guess cause this is for dry scalp. While my scalp is on the oily side. So this does not suit me at all.

Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo doesn’t seem to do anything for my hair at all. It is alright if you use it once a week, but daily, this will leave my hair rather oily quite fast. It is the appearance of oily hair more so than the actual hair turning oily. Plus my it doesn’t help with hair fall.

Pantene Silky Smooth Care helps prevent damage for smooth hair. This is another of those shampoo that I can get away with for a day. The scent of Pantene’s shampoos is lovely. It is just nostalgic to use. But my hair is quite spoil, it can only use certain shampoos that cost more than the average.

Sunsilk Light Frequent Wash smells really nice. I actually quite like this as this foam up really easily. But again, I can only use this twice in a row. Maybe the third day still alright, but this shampoo is not for me.

I think I can safely say I can stay away from normal shampoos. I wanted to say drugstore shampoos, but the shampoos I am using are from drugstore too. So I guess it is more of the mass market shampoos that I can stay away from. No matter how much I tried, they don’t seem to work very much.


Shampoo, tried & tested 4


Rene Furterer Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – I’m not really sure what I think about this. It is ok. Plus this is for oily hair, but I find that it doesn’t do such a good job at keeping hair less oily. It’s ok for dandruff. But if you don’t have dandruff, this can cause one. It’s like my oily hair can cause dandruff so this is good for that problem. But when my hair don’t give me dandruff, using this will just create that. So it’s just not that consistent. I only just use this when I find that my hair is acting up and being super itchy, which is quite seldom these days. 

Phyto Strengthening Treatment Shampoo for Thinning Hair. I actually quite fond of this bits a good general everyday shampoo. It doesn’t cause my hair to be super oily. I will have to wash it daily, but it can last a day. Only before bedtime will I notice the hair turning slightly oily. Anyway, the first half of the tube, I can see a difference in the amount of hair I drop. After that, the amount of hair dropping gets more. It’s slightly more. But I do think this is good for a thinning hair. 

Como Shambhala Invigorate Shampoo is just so spa like. It smells lovely. It has a slight peppermint thus making it very cooling. I finished it and thrown away the bottle when I realized I forgot to add it in things I’ve tried. Anyway this is a good shampoo just to clean and it definitely makes my hair shine, in a good way for the first half of the day. Overtime, it became oilier. So that’s my hair. It’s ok for a day use, even for 2 days. But I can’t wear it for more than that. So it’s just a good shampoo for people with normal hair. 

Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable is a good shampoo if your hair is pretty much normal. Mine is not, so this won’t suit me at all. But if I just use this to last for a few hours, it is alright. It does smooth out hair, so conditioner is not really needed. The smell is a typical Sunsilk shampoo. So it’s nice and very nostalgic like. Oh well, it’s my sis shampoo but her hair is still quite frizzy. So it’s not really that good I guess. But it works for normal people. 

Sunsilk hair fall solution

I’ve been using this conditioner forever. It doesn’t smell horrible. But it doesn’t have that fruity or flowery scent that I would prefer. I’m so used to this that it became my conditioner smell and I don’t know how to describe it.
I also have the hair treatment. This is to be left on for 3 minutes, like a mask. Unlike the conditioner which is to be left on for 1. But it just gives you the softest hair after.

Both smell the same. The conditioner is more user friendly with the tube. But if you want softer smooth looking hair and don’t mind the wait, you should use the treatment. Well, use it only once a week. Its much more richer than the conditioner though. Oh and cost more by $2.
But after using that, you can ignore the conditioner for 3 days. Cause your hair will be as smooth as when you applied conditioner. Well for me at least. I was born with annoying only to me soft smooth hair. But hair product and stuff kind of spoil it (e.g. curling my hair). So now I need conditioner. But ya, use the treatment and you have yourself smooth tangle free hair for 3 days.

So that’s like 1 minute wait = 1 day.
3 minutes = 3 days. Haha.

Sunsilk weather defense conditioner

I love the color of this container. It is just so pretty and bright. The weather had been bad, the sun is just too hot. So we thought, that this will help the hair with sun damage. I do not know if weather defense is for cold or hot weather.
Anyway, the smell is not bad. It works just as any other conditioner. I just do not see any different between this and my usual conditioner. So maybe I am just ignorant, but what is the point of having so many different type of conditioner?