T. LeClerc in Pinkedelic

eyeshadow stickI’d used up my Jordana sparkly pink stick shadow and I do love that color on my lids and on the face; face painting anyone? So I got another one but this kind of pricey. I also have the sharpener. No one really talk about sharpener, usually I just use the one for normal pencils. But getting a good sharpener is essential. This is the perfect size for any jumbo pencil. I wish it was two in one, but well, I do have a few sharpener.
This is much more glittery than the Jordana. It’s quite pretty to top up over shadows. Great for a party look. But to be honest, the way I use this is to draw or write on my body and smudge it off. The glitter will then be remain. It’s an easy way to get glitter to stick on to the body.