The SAEM Chocopie Hand Cream

I love this. It’s just such a cute packaging. I like that the hand cream has dots of “chocolate chips”. When you use it, the chocolate kind of streak but it will blend clear. So no worry about that. This doesn’t have much scent. I love how this just sink into the skin very fast. It’s not sticky. Hands feel soft and lovely. Not exactly very moisturising, but it’s good enough. 

The thing I don’t like is that the packaging make it hard to use the product. You can easily open but there is a clear plastic that protect the cream. It’s good, but it just make you have an extra step before you can use this. Also, you can’t really throw away the plastic cause it’s the stopper. Once gone, the cream will go to the lid, and I think that will make it more messy. 


the SAEM Tip Concealer


I’m a little bit crazy on concealers this year. My face is so bad that all I did and do is – conceal and hide and cover. That’s all synonyms, and that’s the sad truth about my face. My mindset is that I have to try every concealer out there. But first I will get all the affordable ones. This cost me $5. It has a SPF28 and it’s only 1.5g. The picture is quite dark, but the shade is probably a Mac NC25. It’s too light for me. So it’s only good for under the eyes. I think this is in the shade 21. I’m not too sure. 

It’s a medium to full coverage so that’s nice. It dries very fast, so you have to work fast. It leave behind a sheen, so it won’t makes you look flat. I wish it’s in the right shade. But it looks alright. It looks good under my eyes. It covers just enough. I guess cause it’s pigmented, so it does its job. Plus it brighten the area too. That’s a bonus. But if undereyes are too black, this covers, just still can see a bit. 

It can last a good office hours long. At least when I come home, my face doesn’t look as bad. I can see that the concealer is fading, but it still covers a little. This doesn’t crease too. So two thumbs up.