First Impression: Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Mask Sheet Moisturizing 

A wet mask, rather messy to apply. A good thing the essence is not sticky. It’s not cooking and doesn’t feel moist on the face. But the essence kept dropping down my chin. It’s weird. It’s like the sheet doesn’t absorb the essence. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I guess good cause it means that the good stuff is being transfer to your face instead. 

The scent is very light. It’s nice. Soothing. 

It’s not bad, my face feels slightly moisturised. I wouldn’t buy this again cause it’s just messy to apply. But overall it’s alright. 


Tony Moly Lip Scrub

This is just too cute I couldn’t resist. But the product is so little when you open it. It’s barely half. It’s like a cream mix with sugar. So it’s a very gentle scrub. A little goes a long way, so that’s good I guess. If not I will feel that I got rip off buying this. It tastes really good too. I didn’t eat it, but on the lips, it tasted good, sweet. 

This is not heavy duty, so my lips are still chapped after. It’s just when you rinse it off, it’s like you have a coat of balm on your mouth area. So it feels like your lips is smooth and nice. But after an hour or so, it’s back to normal. So this is not good at all. I think poeple who doesn’t have dry lips can use this as it’s just way too gentle. But the lip shape container is just too cute. So at least it will make a cute table deco. 

First Impression: Tony Moly Fresh Tangerine Hand Mask

This is awesome. It’s basically a plastic hand gloves and you tear them apart to get the masks for both hands. It’s not messy at all as the essence is sealed. I don’t know why I think that the outside will be filled with essence too. So inside has this mesh like material and it’s soaked with the moisturising goodness. It’s quite a big so it should fit everyone. Not sure how long to put it on, but I just wore it for 20 minutes. Then upon removal, just rub the excess between hands. It’s not sticky and it leaves my hands very smooth. 

The best part, when I wake up, my hands are so soft. I’m just so impress. Like it will last that long. Granted I didn’t do anything. Just sleeping, but my hands are still soft and smooth. Hand cream doesn’t last that long. Oh, and the smell of oranges is quite subtle. Only can be smelt when putting on the mask, cause that’s when you open up the mask. 

Tony Tint Delight

Got this in shade 01, which is just a cherry red. It’s a very nice red, and it’s good staining power. I swatched it on my hand, took a picture and I removed with a makeup remover wipe. Stained. I did not take a good picture of the tube. It has a heart shape on the top of the cap. So from top, it’s a heart. So cute. 

The wand is quite thin, so it’s really easy to get the edges of the lips. A good size wand. Easy to handle. 

The product is good in term of colouring the lips. Plus it really does stain the lips. After hours, and cleansing oil, my lips will still be stain. At first will be glossy, then it will be matte out. It won’t really look drying unless your really zoom on it. The problem though my lips is not evenly pigmented. My natural lips, inner, outer, top and bottom is a different shade. So the colour  does not evenly distributed. That’s why it’s darker on the inside of the lips. It’s just so obvious. 

I probably don’t look good with any stain. Since now, I just can’t find any liquid like stain that looks good on me. Oh well.