Morocco Ghassoul Pore Solution Foam Cleanser

I like this as it’s very foamy. It’s a good cleanser and doesn’t dry out my skin. You don’t really a lot to clean your whole face. But if I don’t note down the points of this cleanser after using, I would totally forgot about it. So it’s not something I would be recommending anyone. I like it, just not impressive enough. 


McGirly Come Clean

The sample is nice coz it’s a pyramid. It’s easy to squeeze out all the product. This product is very drying. It dried up my face. So I feel this is better if you use a full skincare routine. At least it won’t dry out the skin. At least this lather up well. So it wasn’t a waste. 

Too Cool For School Velvet Pore Pact

Trying to find something from Japan/Korea that is specially for oily skin is actually quite hard. A lot of their product is targeted for dewy healthy looking skin. I rather have a matte look with glossy lips. Even those that are targeted for oily skin usually don’t do so well. Anyway, I just tried this cause the words “pore pact” in it. I’m just assuming that it’s to reduce the look of pores which in turn reducing the look of oil. 

The powder is a white, green and pink pressed. But it’s just white when you swatched them. The only problem I have with this is that it’s not long lasting. So it’s ok for touch up. But I will still need to apply again after 3-4 hours. But it’s ok, cause it’s quite a thin compact. It’s just slightly on the pricier side in my opinion. About $20 something and I don’t think it deserves to be that much. But I’m just quite bias. So yah, will not buy this again. 

First Impression: Egg Mellow Cream

This is a very moisturising cream. It’s so oily on me. Once you put it on, you already can feel the thickness of it. It’s not thick nor heavy. But for some reason it just feels weighted on my skin. I guess cause this is really quite good for anyone in need of moisture. People with dry skin will love this. People like me not so much. Even in cold country, I think this is too much for me.