Primed & Poreless

I just wanted a primer for me to bring for holiday. I was going to a wedding, so I wanted one that it is small enough to bring with me, but something that will last. I never expect much from this as I never try this. So I was pleasantly surprise to find this lasting very long on my face. My face doesn’t get oily. It is just a good primer. It’s smooth, and easily apply. A bit silicon feel, but I like that. It is a skintone shade, but it is clear on the face. 

I feel that this is very similar to the Porefressional. It doesn’t have any scent though. And Benefit can last longer on me. I used this in Sydney. The weather is hot but not humid. Unlike Singapore, where makeup tend to wear off. So, this is really good, but not as good at humid weather condition. 


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Really love the chocolate range from Too Faced. It’s nice to open them and be hit with a scent of cocoa.

This is the medium/deep matte bronzer. A travel size of only 4g. I believe they do have other shades. But this come in a kit with the Better Than Sex Mascara. Anyway, the color is kind of plotchy when swatch. It’s a cool tone bronzer. It’s a good shade for me. But depending on the brush I use, I will get different pigmentation. 

With a fluffy brush, I wouldn’t have to blend so hard. With a contour brush, it tends to pick up more product, so it will be more obvious on the face. So I will have to blend more. Just goes to show that this shade is darker for my face. Not so dark that it won’t work, but it’s dark that it can be use a contouring bronzer. I also can use this to warm up my face. Yes I say it’s a cool tone bronzer, but for some reason when it manage to swatch evenly, it’s warm. It supposed to be matte, but it kind of gives a light sheen. So it will be a good bronzer for all over the face too. So it really depend on your application. 

A good bronzer. Tiny packaging with a mirror. Two thumbs up. Oh, the cocoa scent will disappear after you use it a few times. I guess the scent is just on the top layer. So a bit sad about that. Maybe just one thumb up. Haha. 

Too Faced Melted in Melted Fuchsia

I get why people love this. The color is pretty intense. Ok, wait. First of, I only have this color. So it’s pretty hard to judge. But this one is intense. The color is pigmented and just in your face. Which is why I am not loving it so much. I am finally comfortable with red lips. Bright Pop Pink is still WIP. It takes time to get used to things. But nevertheless it is a beautiful color. (I know I will eventually get used to this color and regret my just ok review here. Hehe we’ll see.)
The texture is a bit dry. But I feel it is more of staining texture without the staining effect. So it is that. Suppose to be a long wearing lipstick, which I guess it is. But it wears off. I prefer something that can stain my lips.
Not overly uncomfortable. It just hug your lips. But definitely need to scrub the lips before using this.
It’s better than lip tar as the application is direct. The sponge tip is nice. I like it as I have love my Clarins gloss. But ya it just different. Putting on Clarins one is nice. It goes over smoothly on the lips. It glides. Melted just takes a bit more work. Doesn’t glide so I mostly tap tap around the lips. Or I squeeze a lot out for it to smooth over the lips.
Oh the nice thing is when I just use a little. I can use my fingers to sheer out the color. So pretty. So this can be used sheer or pigmented.
I wouldn’t repurchase this but I do want other colors to try out.

Best of ’14: Eyeshadow – Chocolate Bar

The one eyeshadow I feel deserve a big shout out is this Chocolate Bar palette. I am just so in love with it. Not only it is the palette I used the most, it is also the one thing I buy without waiting for a sale. Usually when I shop, I buy things on impulse. If not, it will be a sale that drives me to purchase the stuff. So this is not an impulse purchase, that’s why I treasured it so much.

I do wish the palette is a bit thinner, but that is my only complain about it.
Just look at the design – a chocolate bar – you’ll love it already. Next, the scent. Mama Mia, it smells like chocolate. Well like cocoa powder, but it smells so yummy. The colors are neutral with a couple shades for a pop of color. There are a blend of matte and shimmer. Pigmentation is good. Shadows smooth to the touch, easy to blend and overall a good quality product.

I bought this for $69 at Sephora. I like the outer packaging, which is the only cardboard box I kept ever. It also comes with 3 how-to which is nice. The palette itself has a magnetic closure. There are 16 eyeshadows that are good for daily or smokey eyes. The names of each shadow correspond with chocolate, so adorable.

Gilded Ganache – dark khaki with gold glitters
White Chocolate – matte light skin tone color, like a powder
Milk Chocolate – matte light brown, like a bronzer shade
Black Forest truffle – dark brown with a hint of lilac pink and magenta and glitters.
Triple Fudge – matte dark brown

Salted Caramel – matte tan color
Marzipan – shimmery metallic creamy neutral slight pinkish thingy (my fav all over lid color)
Semi-Sweet – matte mid tone brown
Strawberry Bon Bon – matte soft pink (love it, but can’t see the pink on my lid)
Candied Violet – purple with magenta glitter
Amaretto – metallic reddish golden bronze

Hazelnut – shimmery dark brown (my daily outer v color)
Creme Brûlée – metallic gold
Haute Chocolate – shimmery redder tone brown
Cherry Cordial – dark, purple, red tone brown tone, burgundy, slight glitter
Champagne Truffle – shimmery light pinkish color

Those are how I would describe each shade once swatch on my hand. I don’t think it is right, but that’s how it appear to me.

If I break this or it got stolen, I wouldn’t repurchase it again. Yes I love it, but I wouldn’t buy it as there are just so many palettes in the market. I will want to try others. However I will gladly take it if it is gifted to me.

Better than Sex Mascara

After hearing about how awesome this mascara is about 4/5 months ago. I really wanted to try one. So I got this kit from Sephora that contain 4 Too Faced mini item. I cant seem to find the picture of it. Anyway, I finally got it an the bristle is so huge. It covers my whole eye.
This is not a waterproof mascara, and after applying it will be crisp, so it wont just disappear on you. But it is not smudge proof so I tend to always get black eye at the end of my day as I most often than not will rub my eye. The non-waterproof formula makes removing mascara so much easier. I like that about this.

It is quite a dramatic finish. But I also find that my lashes look quite natural. I mean as natural as they can get with mascara on. So ya, I like it. A lot. But it is still not the best mascara for me.

The applicator is an hourglass shape. The bristles are randomly placed. So it is not neat and it somehow works. It grabs on onto the lashes really nicely. It coats every lashes. So far, it doesn’t really clump on me. The only problem I have is that it smudge. I usually get mascara all over my lid. I guess cause the brush is way too big.

So that is it about this mascara. It smudges, it is not waterproof, but I don’t feel negative about it. So maybe just a thumb up from me.

Shadow Insurance

I was debating between the Shadow Insurance and Primer Potion. No price for guessing which I pick. This wasn’t as raved as the latter, and the packaging makes it more hygienic I feel. Cause it’s a tube and you squeeze for the product to come out. Less contamination.

Other than its packaging, this is a creamy eye primer. I used just the tiniest amount for both my eyelids. If I put just a bit more, I find that it’s flaky. It just crease on me. So really a micro amount will do. It spread well over the lids. It is lighter than my lid. My lid color is kind of dark I don’t know why. So it hides the veins perfectly, giving my lids a clear base to work with. As an oily hooded lid person, I can’t live without eye primers. And I think I find one that will last me a lifetime.