Naked Flushed

Do people still use this palette? It’s a bronzer, highlighter and blush trio that is quite popular ages ago. It’s just nice to have a palette dedicated to the cheeks. It’s not exactly special, but it’s just convenient to have. 

I have mine in Naked. The bronzer is golden shimmery. Perfect for the extra sun kissed glow. The highlighter is on the pinkish side. The blush is a rather shimmery pink. All are pigmented but forgiving. So you can use any type brush and you won’t really go wrong applying these. It’s good for beginners and travellers who doesn’t want to bring a lot of products. 

So ya, I mean I prefer all things matte, but this is not bad to have around. 


Urban Decay Cannonball

I was quite surprise to see this in Sephora. I thought they would have taken this off the shelves long ago. Isn’t it the way with these kind of product? Anyway I’m glad I saw it. Cause I always wanted to try it as some youtuber was saying how this is the best waterproof mascara. 

I do agree that it is a waterproof mascara. It just won’t budge nor smudge. Quite hard to remove too. It’s also quite lengthening which is nice. But this is not a full mascara. It doesn’t give me a very full lash. It’s just very lengthening but no volume. And you have to coat the lashes quickly cause it will get crisp within 5 seconds. So this is a good topper. First step to use a volumising mascara, then top with this = full looking lashes. 

Revolution Lipstick – Turn On

Got this on a whimp. I usually just buy things cause my hand is itchy. I must admit I am a shopaholic. 

This is so smooth on the lips. It’s comfortable but I can feel that I have lipstick on. It’s very pigmented and transfer easily on the lips. It’s true to the colour on the tube. It’s just a bright but dull pink. Like a magenta shade but more nuetral. I guess it has more purple tone than pink. It has no scent and no taste so perfect for anyone who is sensitive to scents. For £12.24 on sale, it’s alright. I mean for the feel of the tube, I love the packaging, and the pigmentation. It’s a fair price. 

Naked Basics 2

I wanted the Naked palette, just like most girls. I don’t even care which one. But there are many dupes of them in the market. So I was thinking, maybe I should just get the basics as I do want a matte palette. So I finally cave and bought one. Was contemplating between the 1 and 2. Finally I bought 2 cause I don’t really use black as much. 2, the darkest shade is just dark grey, which not as dark as the 1. Even though this is a cool palette, I still feel that I will use more of all these shadows as compare to the basics 1. 


The colors are:

  • Skimp – pale nude satin
  • Stark – nude-pink matte, not much pink
  • Frisk – warm gray matte
  • Cover – muted red-brown matte
  • Primal – muted brown matte
  • Undone – deep, smoky charcoal matte