VS Ravishing Love Hand and Body Cream

This is quite average thick but easily blend into the skin. It’s a very nice scent. A bit mature and sensual. A blend of blackberry and lilac. It takes sometime for it to sink into the skin. The one thing I don’t like is that it takes forever to finish the whole tub. I guess that’s good, but I just get bored by it. 



Ravishing Love

ravishing loveWhenever I went into VS, I will be so overwhelm by the selection of scent they have. At least going to TBS, I will have a rough idea what to get, as I pretty much tried them all. My cousins got me this as it was 3 for 2. It is blackberry and lilac scented body lotion. It just smells so lovely.

The cream is thick once you apply it on, takes time to apply it on your skin, but it is really fast at absorption. I don’t feel sticky and my skin feels smooth.

The scent does linger, but once its on your skin, it is not as strong.

Overall, it is a good moisturizing lotion the body. And not just some gimmicky scented lotion that looks pretty. so if you love scent, try out Victoria’s Secret lotions.

Beauty Rush Shadow

beauty rushI wrote a really long post on this beauty rush’s shadow. Then for some reason, WP decided to hate me. I just can’t bring myself to repeat myself. So I will just keep this short.

This is in the shade Flower Girl, a lilac, pink eyeshadow. It can be use wet or dry. Swatch is when dry. So imagine how intense it will be when applied wet. It can be use with a light hand and sheer out to use as a highlight. Oh it is a domed shadow too, so not quite ideal to depot. Not the smoothest shadow out there, but the texture is that of the domed pressed powder. So not surprising there.

Will repurchase? No. Too pricey (US$7.5)
In other color? No.

VS Coconut Passion Body Mist

If you love the scent of coconut, you will love this. It’s just so fresh and summery. It kind of linger for awhile then I can’t tell anymore. It just smell like spring and summer. Like those sunny day chilling at the beach under the shade (yah, I don’t like the sun), drinking iced cold drinks. Refreshing!

I love the idea of body mist, but at times I find them really sticky. I guess if you are living in humid condition, it will tend to feel sticky. Once you can’t smell the wonderful scent, you just left with the ickiness. I don’t like that.