Vivo Matte Lipsticks 

I love looking through my folders and finding things like this I’ve yet noted. So these are suppose to be the matte version. The packaging has the matte feel, but the lipstick is totally not. I got one in Naturally Nude which is surprisingly alright on me. It is real pretty over a pink/red lipliner. 

Wow Pink is a real Barbie pink. Very magenta blue tone pink. I look so fake using this. 

As you can see the lipsticks are not that good. It shows every dryness there is. It also feels quite cheap. It won’t last long and I’ll say this is the kind of lipsticks you’ll give to 5 years old to play with. It’s a pity though cause it swatched real nice. 


Vivo Smokey Moods

Ever since I got my chocolate bar, I feel everything else I just put to one side. So I put my Too Faced aside, or at least at an angle that makes it hard to take out, therefore I am forced to use my other shadows. I don’t really use eye shadows as much, but sometimes it is nice to make up a bit. A simple lid color will usually do.
So this is where this Vivo Smokey Moods comes in. It’s a 3 color shadows which is simple to use. It also comes with a liquid eyeliner, but that is just dried out. Such a total fail, so I throw that away.
The shadows are good. It’s easy to use, it’s pigmented. Well, they are quite soft and can be quite crumbly, but still smooth to touch. I think this cost me £3 or 4, so can’t expect much out of it. Still a good trio but I feel they are more suited for nighttime. The colors are good for a smokey eye, well I guess you can guess from the name of the palette.
The shadows are glittery. A vanilla white for highlight, a taupe and a brownish shade. Will I recommend this, I would say not really. The colors are not as unique, and they are good but nothing special about them. The eyeliner is totally useless. The dual ended sponge applicator the same. The size of the palette is quite small, but still can be smaller. Has a mirror which a bonus. But I guess I would just depot them and put into a z palette or something.

Vivo Blush & Highlight

Do I need another blush? No!
But I’m just a shopaholic and I want to buy them all. The price is good and the colors good. There are just a time when you pink and you have to have pink everything, and there are times I have to have peach, and so I have this. It’s a good handy blush palette with a cream, powder blush and one shimmery highlighter which is better a blush as it is super pigmented.

I mostly use the centre powder blush, as that’s the prettiest among the 3. Well it is just lighter as compare to the cream blush. All 3 are pigmented so a light hand is required. But really for the price which is less than $10, it is a really good trio. I don’t really use the highlight but it looks nice as a blush. The instruction told you to use the cream blush, follow by the powder and dust the highlight, but it is already just on its on. Following the instruction just help to prolong the wear of it.

Vivo Baked Shimmer Palette

vivo shimmerLove baked product, especially food. What I wouldn’t do for a freshly baked bread right now. Anyhow, this is quite unexpected. For the picture online, I thought it will be a much more neutral palette. I guess not.

This is in shade Divine and comes with a blush and 4 shadows. The blush is really beautiful. A bit too shimmery for my liking though. It looks really bright as in dark on the packaging, more like a deep pink, but when swatch, it’s just a pigmented pink shade. It is pretty, but the shimmer just makes me not use it very much.

Like all baked products I tried, these are smooth and pigmented. However the colors I picked up is just something I don’t use much. Yellow and green, when will I ever touch that? I am not daring enough to use those colors on my lids. Yellow can appear light green, while the green can be more teal. They’re pretty not gonna deny that, but it is just something to look at. The other two colors are more wearable. A gorgeous brown and a darker one when swatch. On the back of the packaging, the colors just don’t match very well.
I guess this will be a really fun palette to have. I mean, they do even show you where to apply the shadows. I just can’t find myself using yellow. So I do quite regret buying this. I will be great palette for someone who will use all the shades as it will be great to bring around.

Brown Eyeliners

I kind of given up on black eyeliners. I mean I rarely wear eyeliner anyway, but when I do it will be brown. I was trying both Vivo and MUA brown eyeliners. Both are okay, for the price you really cannot expect more.
MUA is darker, it is a rich dark brown. While Vivo is a softer chocolate color. Both have their purpose and I do like them the same. MUA I like cause of the sharpener on the packaging, so it’s easy to sharpen whenever needed. Vivo has a smudger, so it’s nice for softening the look.
Both do smudge, and I don’t really think they settle and set. I always find them transferring. Then again, I am not patient. However I find that using a primer really helps to make it stay in place. So I’ll prime the whole lid then draw the line as close to my lash line as possible, rub away the one that transfer, then I’m good to go. Of course it doesn’t last the whole day, but I really do think they are decent enough for newbies like me.

Vivo – Sandstorm

Another matte shadow from Vivo. I realized I need an all over the lid shadow. So I guess this was perfect. But I totally forgot about all those palettes I have. I really don’t need anymore shadow. Especially single shadows. I guess I need to buy a z palette or something.
Anyway, from the swatch it really blends into my skin. So on the lid it really just the same color. The shadow is smooth but not super smooth. I mean for the price, you can’t really complain. The packaging is quite cute too. Compact and a pretty square.

Show Me The Money

Another shadows from Vivo. I like the vibrant colors. It’s something I do not have. I guess this is the same as MUA’s Poptastic palette. The shadows are all shimmery, but it is wearable. The pigmentation are as with all Vivo and MUA shadows – good. The darker colors especially.
I have a hard time using yellow and pinks on my lids, I always look like I have eye disease which is not pretty. But as a crease shadow, I find that it will be better. At least it’s more subtle. I do tend to put a warm brown on top of it though. So just a little color will pop through. It has been fun using colors on the eyes even though I don’t wear it out cause I’m just conscious that way. One day, I will, one day.
But ya, it’s a great fun palette to have around, especially for bright spring/summer seasons.

Vivo – Slate

A matte black eyeshadow. I don’t know why I need this, but I just do. The color is black, pigmented yes but it’s not the blackest black. It’s good for smokey eyes or as a softer liner. Since I don’t use eyeliner, or to be right is I don’t know how to use liner, so it’s better for me to trace the outline of my eyes with shadow. The price is good, £1, that’s like buying eyeshadow at Daiso’s pricing. No complain.

Crayon Lip Stain

I really like these lip crayons. They are easy to use and you don’t have to sharpen them. Most of these crayons promise either a balm, a stain or both. So I like that and I really want to try them all. All the colors, all the brand. I’m slow in getting into them, but now that I’ve tried, they are just my absolute favorite. Well one of the the favorite anyway.
So I have 3 of these. 2 MUA and a Vivo one which is a Colour Stain in Wide Awake. It is a pink tone mauve. as its pink, but also more on the magenta tone. Vivo only promise to be a stain, but I find that it has a balm feel to it too. While the MUA one is call Power Pout. I got one in

Broken Hearted which is a pretty raspberry pink. The other one is Rendezvous which I thought will be a neutral nude. End up its more pink, but it’s really natural on the lips. It just give the lips the right amount of color without looking over the top. It is a my lip but better color and it suits practically anyone. My cousins was commenting on how they love my lips color. And they all tried it, and Rendezvous just looks good on everyone. I highly recommend it.
The colors are not that much different from first glance, but it really perks you up in different way. As all three have different undertone, so I can choose them depending on my makeup or outfit for the day. Most of the time I use Rendezvous though as that’s the one that looks awesome no matter what.

I really like these crayons as they are moisturizing, doesn’t dry up my lips and they stain my lips. It’s just perfect as I will always have colored lips and I will look more awake. Plus they are not expensive. They can be found from their respective websites and I usually wait for some deals before hitting that purchase button.

Vivo Colour Block in Dreamy

The thing about eyeshadow palette is that I love seeing them, I love owning them, but to be honest I don’t use them as often. I used to use eyeshadows but that cause I don’t use any foundation. Now I pretty much wear foundation, so I hardly use eyeshadow. This past week however, I told myself that I have to use them. Particularly this palette.

I think this Vivo palette is pretty much the same as MUA Undressed Too palette. Which is considered the dupe for the Naked 2. I don’t know about that as I don’t own any of the Naked palette. I don’t know why I have not, but I just want one Naked palette and I don’t know which one to get. So I pretty much stick with the cheaper alternative.
As I have hooded eyelid, my eyeshadows are hardly the focus of my face. Most of the time you can’t see them. So as long the color is able to show on my lid and it doesn’t fade away as fast, I am happy. This do just that. It doesn’t last forever, but with a primer, it last for a good 6 hours. As long as I don’t rub my eyes. So ya, not bad.

The colors are quite pigmented. They are quite soft except for the Night, the black one. Sand is the yellow white matte base which can’t be seen on my swatch. On the lids, it just neutralize the color of the primer. The matte shades are not that good as a transaction color, but it’s still workable.
I prefer MUA palettes as I find them to be better shadows, but if they are suppose to be the sister company, wouldn’t the shadows be equal? Maybe I’m just bias. Like those research where they test you which one taste better when in reality both are the same. But anyway, the shadows are ok and they are inexpensive, so overall it’s not bad.