VOV Cover Pencil 

I regret buying this. It’s a dual ended pencil concealer. But both side is the same. The shade is a bit too light for me. So as a pencil, it’s mostly for spots but the shade doesn’t suit me. This is shade 23, which is their darkest shade I think. Also it just takes forever to cover a spot. I think I just don’t like pencil concealer in general. I find them a little bit too small. So I don’t use this at all. It’s just rotting in my drawer. It isn’t exactly expensive. I think it cost me $6. It’s still a waste though. Oh well. 


VOV Face Clear Concealer

The thing about Korean makeup is that the darkest shade is usually no. 23, which sometimes can be too light for me. Like for this, it is a bit too light for me. So this automatic become my undereyes concealer. But I’m lazy, so I use this on my spots too. This blends alright, but if you leave it for too long without blending, it kind of just “harden”. So best to blend after applying. 

It’s smooth and glides on easily. It’s very light on the skin, but once you start blending, it kind of get thicker. So I can say this is quite a medium coverage. Under the eyes, it doesn’t crease. In term of lasting power, it is quite decent. A whole day at work? Yup! If going for dinner a light touch up is necessary. If you don’t care, you don’t have too. 

This is a bit more “waxy” as compare to my Euciren cover stick. This is cheaper too. If this is the right shade, I will probably like this more. But for now, I like them both equally for different purposes.