Yoko Spa Milk Salt

This is so good. It smell exactly like milk. It’s like putting on milk powder + fine sugar. You are suppose to put on for 3 minutes then rinse. I didn’t really get to leave it on for 3 min. I’m just to tired to wait that long. But my, my whole body is just so smooth and soft after. It’s so nice. I love it. 

A good thing it’s in a pack, so it’s easy to bring this around. And you also know that it’s the right amount to use. But I do wish there’s a tub of this. I got this in a random supermarket at Krabi. It’s like maybe about $1. But it’s so good. It’s a good thing I bought a few just cause I wanted some body scrub for travel. I guess I can make this myself. The packaging say salt, but it smell sweet so it feels more like fine sugar to me. I guess will have to experience. But then, milk powder is kind of expensive in Singapore. Oh well.