YSL Illuminating Foundation 

This is too yellow on me. Plus it’s an illuminating foundation, so it’s not for me. I like that it has SPF but that’s pretty much the only thing I like. This is just not for oily skin. It’s a medium coverage, but the shade is wrong. Not sure what shade this sample is; is it B30? 

It’s supposed to give:

  • Dimension 
  • Radiance 
  • Weightless 
  • Perfection

I guess anyone with normal or dry skin will like this. It goes on smooth so that’s good. Lasting power can last a full office hour, so that’s good too. Not sure if they still have this product as I have this sample for quite some time. And I’m not sure why I bother with trying out foundation with the word illuminating on it. I bound not to like it. So yea, oily skin is a no, normal to dry should be good. 


YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush – 6

First impression I’m not a fan. For some reason it’s just too messy for me. Like the colour is just too bright. On the cheeks is even worse cause it’s just really red. It’s too pigmented, that I’m just scared it will make my cheeks look too fake. 

The second time I tried it, I still don’t like how it apply on the cheek. I guess I prefer the traditional powder style. Even cream blush is easier to apply. On the lips though, the colour is suddenly just gorgeous. I love it. It brighten up my complexion. I also suddenly like applicator. It’s a nice slightly pointed one. There is a ball like shape in the centre that grab the product out of the bottle. So that’s where the pigment will settle. I don’t have to double dip the wand. 

The sponge is nice on the lips. Application is even and smooth. So really not bad. I like it. I can even get a light stain sort of look, if I don’t put on so much. No 6 is overall a nice red which can be worn for lunch or dinner outings. 

Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick – Nude Beige 

Silly me. I specifically wrote down if I were to buy a YSL lipstick, which one I should get – shine oil in 44. Then, I bought this instead cause I had only 12 hours left to get the 12% rebate from Tangs. I got this for $50. 

Did I regret? Sort of. This is the “milky” kind, so it’s not really friendly on my lips. I have to tap instead of glide to get a better full colour. Anyway this is shade 1 in nude beige which is like A pinkish nude. But this is more pink. It’s nice on the lips, but pigment doesn’t spread evenly. 

The other thing about YSL lipstick is the scent that people say it’s very vanilla. While I guess it’s true, it’s really nice but there is a whole more brands that have nice scented lipstick too. The only thing I like about this is that it tasted sweet. I didn’t eat it, but I can taste the sweetness. 

The other thing I like about this is the moisturising property. Other than that, I feel the colour is wrong for me. The formula is nice, but I shouldn’t get a light shade. 

YSL Eye Pencil

It’s a blue liner in shade 3. It just says 3 dessin du regard – eye pencil. It’s a blue pencil which is very solid but glide on easily. It has micro silver glitter. So it’s not a matte liner, but you can’t really see it. The other end of the pencil is the sponge. It’s a flat slant top sponge meant for blending. But it’s so dense that it can be quite rough on the lid. 

I just like this. It’s so easy to apply on the lash line. I apply as close to the lash line as possible. And it works. It just gives a very thin clean line. Even though I can’t do it in one stroke. But it still gives a very clean line. 

YSL Touche Éclat

The magic of Radiant Touch is real. It truly is a product that gives a radiant finish to your face. It manages to reduce the appearance of black eyes. Easy to apply, easy to blend and doesn’t crease.
The packaging is beautiful but will leave lots of finger prints behind. And the bottom click where you have to push to get the product out; I’ve accidentally click that a few times. Messy but ain’t as bad as tube packaging.
I have shade no. 2 Luminous Ivory. It is too light for me. This is chosen cause my aunt bought this and it comes in a duo pack. So she gave me one. The SA match this shade perfectly for her, and she’s so much fairer than me. But it does works for me too. Shade 1 is a bit darker than 2, as 2 is made with a pinkier undertone I think that’s what the SA said, don’t quote me. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful under eye concealer / highlighter. I really love using this as I find my face visibly brighter and I don’t look so tired. I will be saving money to get one in my shade. Recommended.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain

yslI just have to. It is so nice. I love it. Love how easy it is to apply this.

I got the color 5. It’s like a dark mauve. A bit more red tone. It is pigmented and glossy. The best part is that it will stain the lips. So I can just wear this the whole day. As the colors start to wear off, it is no longer shiny but the color still linger. I also love the cute packaging. The price not so much. You got have to get use the texture of the brush as that is the only thing different about this as compare to other glosses or liquid lipstick.

Will repurchase? No, if I have some extra cash then maybe.
In other color? Yes in other color(s).

YSL Contour Expert

Reshaping and lifting creme SPF 10
This is a very thick moisturizer. It’s also rather oily, so I really don’t like that. Even though they say can be use for all skin type, even sensitive skin. I don’t see how it can reshape and lift, when I don’t feel anything when applying this. Maybe there is a science behind it, but frankly I am not interested as it made my skin oily.

YSL bronzer

I love this baby. As I get tanner, I realize my face appear lighter with the foundation I am using. So I need to sort of darken my face to blend better. My option is bronzer. Instead of using them to contour, I use them all over my face, sort of.
It is slightly brighter and more orange than others I have. It looks like it has shimmer, but it doesnt transfer on the face. So its not exactly matte, but its not sparkly too. It doesn’t make me orange despite the color. In fact this bronzer suits me perfectly. It is pretty as a blush and it works as a contouring powder. I don’t really contour, just roughly go over it. I still don’t know how to contour properly so this is perfect. It’s light enough for it not to appear dirty but its pigmented enough for the color to show. I like to outline my face, so my hairline will be covered. With a lighter foundation, the color of the face is just so different from everywhere making you look weird. So bronzer is the way to go.
Even though its pigmented here, with a bronzing brush, it just nicely dust the face. I never thought I will be using bronzer as much, but I just love it so much. The prove, I got these a few weeks ago, and the YSL imprint is disappearing soon, if fact there is a little dent. I just love how natural I look with this. It just give me a glow but not a shiny one.

Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus and more blue stuff

This is a blue mascara. I’ve been looking for some colored mascara for a while. I used to love ZA blue mascara. It has the perfect hint of blue, but it wasn’t a baby blue, pastel color, it’s a navy blue actually. I just cannot find it anymore. So when I see this and it’s on sale (of course, I buy everything on sale), I just had to get it.

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YSL everlong mascara

Another one of those old mascara. I don’t know if you still can buy this. The formula as always with high end brand is alright. What I actually like is the brush. It is plastic with many spikes around it. It is just straight cut, but different from other mascara I tried.
It was suppose to lengthen your lashes, but it was not that lengthening. I guess it helps and gives you a longer looking lashes, but it was not that extreme.

I like YSL packaging. Makes me want to have a display of them. One day ill have a house with my own my make up room. One day.