Yves Rocher Purple Lilac Shower Gel

I like the scent of this. It is very flowery but soft. Not too strong as if you are drench with flowers. But again, the gel is very watery so you tend to use up a lot of it. I’ve used it for a week and it is almost half gone. Granted it is $10 for 200ml. But that is easily counted as $5 per week on shower gel.


Yves Rocher Verbena Leaves Body Lotion

The lotion is actually white. So it’s just the tint of the bottle making it look green. It has a very subtle. And I mean subtle scent. Quite fresh, clean garden scent. It’s nice. The lotion is nice too as it’s very fast sink into the skin. It’s a good lotion actually. Especially if you need one to apply before putting your clothes on. You won’t feel sticky afterwards. The only thing I would say about this is that it’s just boring. I don’t get excited using this.

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

This is one weird product. I wanted to say it’s a conditioner but it’s just so watery that the liquid just flow through my hair. You are suppose to use this before you dry off your hair. But I find that I can’t really get the product to get onto my hair. I feel like a lot of it just end up falling to the floor.

It’s a nice scented product though. It’s just I’m not really sure the whole point of using this. All I think is that it just suppose to get rid of products that has buildup in your hair. So it’s fine, but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Yves Rocher Organic Raspberry Shower Gel

Let me say this will be much better if the cap is one that you can pop open instead of having to turn open kind. As in the opening in this is way too big. It’s also time consuming and troublesome to open and close the bottle. Especially if you just want a quick shower. 

The scent is lovely. It does lather on quite alright. But I have to use quite a fair amount for my whole body. So 400ml will be used up quite fast. Not really worth the money. But this will be nice in the bath or shower with those beige tiles. It will just fit into the background. Other than that, really I don’t see the benefit of this. 

Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla

Christmas set right here. Love the scent. It’s like a perfume vanilla. Not like vanilla extract but still quite good. I don’t know, there is just something about it that makes me like it.
So this set comes with 3 item. The shower puff, gel and lotion. 

Silky Lotion is quite a watery lotion. I so used to squeeze bottle from TBS that this feels weird. The plastic is harder, so can’t really clamp between my fingers. But the lotion flow out nicely. It’s liquid-like and easy to apply. Sometime it feels like pour out to much. I guess also cause the opening is quite big. Blends into the skin and absorb quickly. Doesn’t makes the skin feels sticky. Really good. Really love.

Shower Gel is also very watery. It’s like a thick syrup. But easy to flow out of the bottle. It lathers quite well. But I find that with shower gels is that it is better to use with a loofah. A bit of goes a long way. It will foam up, makes lathering so much more fun and easier. I guess you can always use a body clothes thing or those body sponge. But loofah is my new love. 

A loofah is great! I never think much of it until this kit. I mean I’ve used loofah before, but only this time I really pay attention to it. It’s firm and soft. I guess you can say structured. But it’s awesome. I am sharing the shower with my family. So I just chuck my loofah in a hangable basket I bought from Daiso outside. Where we hang our clothes indoor. That’s how you dry the loofah without being paranoid if others use them.