ZA Cream to Powder CC Stick 

The thing I like about ZA is that I know I always find a shade that match me. For this, my shade is natural. It’s a good match. It’s quite neutral, not cool or warm. It’s easy to apply. I like that when I apply on the skin, it really is a cream to powder finish. So it’s quite light. But it will still leave me oily after awhile.  So the shine free for 12 hours claim is wrong. This is not a full coverage. I would say it’s a more light to medium. I guess it’s just one of those product that it’s good to use daily as it’s not heavy. And if you have normal skin, this will be perfect. Even though it will turn powdery after, it just doesn’t give it much of a powdery finish. So yah, those with dry to normal skin will probably able to pull this off too. 


ZA True White Cream

Got a sample of this moisturiser. This is in a cream form which come in a tub. The thing about this is for dry skin. So it is more moisturising than the moisturiser in the bottle. I don’t really like this as its too oily for my skin. I can only use this at night. And even so it’s not something I will repurchase. 

ZA Mascara Base


Bought this cause I really want fuller looking lashes. I still feel that my lash is very sparse. What this do is create extra volume under the mascara. Personally, it doesn’t give much volume. But I do like the brush. It’s quite small and it just swirl up. 

The product is white so you really have to coat your lash very carefully. But I feel the nice thing about this is that it curl your lashes. At least at the end. For some reason it curl up a bit. So it’s quite nice. Other than that, I don’t know, I’ve been using it but not much different I feel. 

ZA Pure Shine Lips

za lipstickThis is in color Praline. I thought this will be a nice neutral lipstick with a glossy finish. It is, but it is just not pigmented enough for me.

It just feels more like I’m putting on gloss. It is just shiny with gold flecks. I use it more of a gloss on top of color.
za lipstick

ZA True White Day Protector

This is what I use on a lazy sunny day. It acts as a sunscreen and a base. Usually I am too lazy to use a foundation, so I find that this works really well at making my face smooth and even. After applying this, I set it with my Glo Minerals powder, and I’m done. It’s just that simple. It has a SPF 26, so it’s good. But it doesn’t have the sunscreen smell. It has a nice flowery true white series scent.

As with all the true white range, this makes my face a bit whiter, so it’s also good with darker foundations. Unfortunately my foundations are all lighter than my face. But ya, overall it’s a good product for extra SPF, a great primer for smoothing out the skin, but not for oil control.

True White Plus Prismizer

Whitening lotion 150mL
Effective whitening lotion formulated with Prism Enhancer and Super Whitening Ingredient

Love this toner. I just feel so clean and refresh after using this. You can say this is my HG. I always have a backup. Even though I am using a few toners and am always trying out new ones. After playing around with samples, I still choose this. Unless I am travelling, then I will just bring any other toner. It was said that toner is not really a must in skincare, but I also read that if you have oily skin, you need toner.

If I am lazy or in a rush, I tend to skip this step. But I just like the feeling of this on my skin. I will splash a few drop onto a cotton pad. Then wipe the under of eye, my forehead, cheek and neck. I turn the cotton around and start for on other side. And my skin feel extra cleanse.

Cleanser: foam, gel and scrub

I’ve tried plenty of facial wash, and none seem to suit me as much as my Beautain. It is not the best, but it gives me the best feeling. As long as it feels nice, I got no complain. So I was saying I tried plenty of cleanser or facial wash and this post is going to be a review on those that can be found in my bathroom right now.

acnes cresson za foaming gel

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The $20 makeup challenge

Hello, today this blog turn 1. I did managed to get rid a lot of products that are old. Kind of proud about that, however I have subsequently collected more. In the process of blogging things down and throwing them out, I fell in love with makeup. I find that I want more. So even though I have more toys now, it is alright, as I actually use them.
This blog has taught me a whole bunch of things, like skin care, makeup, application, myself, etc. I am more dedicated to my skin care regime and caring more about how I look. It is still a learning process, and I thank you for following through this journey with me.

I thought it will be fun to do something different.

The $20 makeup challenge is one of the most popular tag on YouTube. So I decided to do a post on my version of $20 makeup challenge products. I have to roughly convert it to Sing dollar and since makeup is generally more expensive here, therefore it will be less item for S$25.40.

For the past few days, I’ve used only the items mention in this post. I greatly miss my other lip colors, but for the sake of this post, I sacrifice. I also try to use different brands as its more challenging this way.

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Blotting powders

This is my favorite powder. Cause it is small and compact and blue and looks super groovy. It’s the ZA Groovy Smoovy. This is not exactly transparent. It goes on a bit whitish on my face. But I just need to smooth it with my hand and I’m good to go. It takes off the oil and shine in my face. It goes on smooth and really light. Been loving this more as said to blotting papers, as it control the shine better. Plus it looks cuter, and not as gross when you touch up your face in public places(ladies room). It cost $17.90. So it’s on the pricier side with just a 5g(.17oz) worth of product. Oh, I do wish it came with a mirror. But I do go through these powders really quick.

I have only 2 MAC product to date. One is this and the other was the Studio Fix powder. People get puzzle when they know I love makeup but I don’t own any MAC product, especially the lipstick. Anyway, I love both powders I tried. One is a blotting powder, the other just a cover up powder. Before I used foundation, I just use powder to sort of cover my face in. I find that it stayed on my skin really well. The blotting powder is just a nice translucent powder that take away the shine on my face.
Eventually like all powders or product, you will hit pan. Now, this is where I do not like MAC. For both product, when I hit pan, I find that the powder tend to be dry. It became hard to apply. It goes on cakey. I don’t know what it is, but it just makes the powder bad. It’s like it touches water and it became really wet and hard. Really hard to transfer on the puff.
Don’t tell me it’s cause it is exposed to the metal of the pan, so the compact became unusable? Or am I just unlucky? Do anyone has this kind of problem?

ZA eye and lip make up remover

ZA eye and lip make up remover
I got this free with the purchase of the mascara. It’s as good as any make up remover. I think it’s comparable as the L’oreal one. In fact it is better as it remove my eye makeup better. And I just love that this is a travel size, so I can bring this instead when I go overseas.

The smell though, it just has this bit of rubbing alcohol scent. Plus the opening is too small for the tip of Q-tip.