Ziaja Natural Olive Body Butter

Ziaja Natural Olive Body ButterI am always scared to try anything olive. I am just cared of the scent. This smells better than the TBS olive series though. I don’t really know what it smells like but it is alright. It is quite thick, unlike the goat milk body lotion.
It is quite easy to blend, feels quite moisturizing. It also feels nice on the hands. It sort of helps with my elbow’s dryness. But I don’t think I will purchase the full size as I am just not in love with it. There are better body butter out there.


Ziaja Goat’s Milk Body Lotion

Ziaja Goat's Milk Body LotionNice clean packaging. Ok I just like it when it is all white and silver, so simple. This smells good, a floral powder scent. It claimed to be for dry and normal skin, but I think it is not rich enough for dry skin. It feels more like a hand cream. It absorb well. You can see there’s lotion on your skin, but it doesn’t feel greasy. It helps after you straight apply it, but I don’t see how it does moisture your skin after.

Plus I usually put on lotion after I shave my leg to relief itchiness. This doesn’t help at all. In fact, I get more itchy. So I don’t know what the deal is, but this is the first time a lotion doesn’t work on the legs. So I probably wouldn’t get this. Even though I smell really good in it.

Marine spa Algae Deep Moisturizing Cream

This smells good. I don’t know of what I just can’t put a finger on the scent. Anyway it’s quite a thick moisturizer. It feels oily but it doesn’t look oily. So it’s just very weird. I guess that’s the moisturizing property. It claims to revitalizes the lipo-structure of the epidermis and improves elasticity of the skin. Not sure about that as it always something you have to use for a long time to see the result. Cause of what it feels like on the skin, I am not a fan.