Zoeva – 110 Face Shape

I love dome shaped brush for so many purposes. I used to love stippling brush the most. But now I think some shaped is my fav. This is especially on the smaller side. It’s soft and fluffy and the perfect brush for a quick under the eye swipe. I used it to blend in my concealers and it’s also great for foundation. A bit small for a quick face makeup, but concealers blending is great. 

This doesn’t shed and doesn’t go out of shape. I really am in love with this. Zoeva is now one of my fav brushes brand. 

Zoeva 322 Brow Line 

I love that Zoeva single brushes come with a clear reusable pouch. It’s good for a couple of brushes or even pencils. The brow line has a very short bristle. It’s a slight slant, and not so thick. Not really my fav. It’s slightly dense, good for a light brow shading. I feel like I have to put in extra time to draw my brows using this. So it’s not a brush I pick up often. Unless I really want a precise brow application, then this will the one.