Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease

Bought this at $18. It’s a very fluffy crease brush. I like it enough. It’s a nice size on the lid. It an easy used as a crease brush or even pack in some colours. It’s fluffy and soft. It’s also goes on smooth on the lid. However, it just doesn’t feel as nice. I now can feel the different between good brushes and awesome brushes. On the hand, it feels alright. However, when you apply it on the lid, you can feel that it’s not as luxurious. While it’s soft and did its job, it is just not as swift. I guess you can say that. But really for $18, it’s a good brush. 


Zoeva – 122 Petit Stippling

Love stippling brush. This one is quite small. It’s a bit dense. I like it enough for buffing. It won’t pick up a lot of product. So it’s good for those super pigmented products. It will pick the right amount. So yah, that’s pretty much it. 

Zoeva 111 Luxe All Over Shader

This is such a nice fluffy brush. It’s actually quite a big shader brush. But you turn it one side, the size is actually quite a good size for the crease. It’s fluffy, but slightly tempered. It is dense but soft and will hold its shape regardless of how much you press. It picks up shadows pigment very well. And it will transfer on the lids quite good too. It’s not exactly the kind of eye brush I will pick up usually. But I do want one that is for the whole lid. I do find that this is still best for glittery/shimmery shadows. So yah, it’s fine but not a necessity. 

Zoeva – 110 Face Shape

I love dome shaped brush for so many purposes. I used to love stippling brush the most. But now I think some shaped is my fav. This is especially on the smaller side. It’s soft and fluffy and the perfect brush for a quick under the eye swipe. I used it to blend in my concealers and it’s also great for foundation. A bit small for a quick face makeup, but concealers blending is great. 

This doesn’t shed and doesn’t go out of shape. I really am in love with this. Zoeva is now one of my fav brushes brand. 

Zoeva 322 Brow Line 

I love that Zoeva single brushes come with a clear reusable pouch. It’s good for a couple of brushes or even pencils. The brow line has a very short bristle. It’s a slight slant, and not so thick. Not really my fav. It’s slightly dense, good for a light brow shading. I feel like I have to put in extra time to draw my brows using this. So it’s not a brush I pick up often. Unless I really want a precise brow application, then this will the one.